Happy News Year’s Day – 1/1/18

The start of a new year, were we see things with new optimism and the hopes of a having a better year than we did in 2017.

As the New Year starts, I want everyone to have a better year than they expect it to be. I hope that you get the things you need to move forward and leave behind the stuff that is holding you back.

So it begins.

This morning was -21F with a wind chill at the house when we woke up. The coldest day yet and we have had a bunch of pretty chilly ones lately. Those kind of temps dissuaded me from heading down to Camden for the 5K. I know some runners who went and I give them big props for enduring the extreme temps. However, it just wasn’t something that I wanted to do.

I went to Planet Fitness and set a 2018 10K personal record…mmmm Harold you can be such an idiot sometimes. Hehehehe

Yeah, I ran a 10K on the treadmill and whatever time I got was going to be 2018 PR, so acting all excited about it was kind of being a drama queen or just weird. I prefer to say weird.

Miles 1.0 to 3.0 were at 7.1 mph, mile 4.0 7.2, mile 5.0 7.3 and then increased to a nice kick for the last .25. I am purposely doing the fast finishes for most run, just to keep my legs awake and not shock them completely when I decide it is time to do some speed work. I was happy with how I felt for the entire run.

Although the bottoms of my feet felt a bit beat up, it was not the feeling that I had in the Bondi 5’s, it was the feeling of getting the feet in shape for running harder later. I also focused more on keeping a slight lean (at least I think I was) and extending the legs behind me a bit more and when I was running faster, a little knee drive.

Then I walked for a bit to catch my breath. Once I did, I popped the incline to 15 degrees and walked for 4:00 minutes at 3.2 mph. It definitely got my attention. This is a part of the workout that I would like to do 2-3 times a week and focus on using my glutes (arse muskles) more.

After I got home it was lunch and a nap – the joys of retirement

Once the relaxing was done, it was time to play with snow on the roof, the forecast for Thursday is going to be “iffy”, maybe 1-3 then again maybe a N’oreaster, it depends on the track of the storm.

Either way, it might get up to 20*F – almost beach weather. Hehehee. There was a lot ice on the roof, which if it ever warms up would have kept the roof snow covered. So I tried to get about six feet up cleared off, so the rest of the roof will dump at some point.

After that I was pretty cold, it was -5*F and the wind chill was pretty nasty too. Playing outside in that for over an hour, while standing most of the time exposed on a ladder wasn’t all that much fun, so I thought getting on the elliptical for a while, would be the best way to warm-up. I watched a Sedona trail video and did 5.6 miles on the elliptical. When I got to the end I was sweating pretty decently and figured that if I ever got to run out there, I would definitely want something with a rock plate.

Overall, a pretty active kind of day and I am sure that my shoulders are not going to be happy with me in the morning. Pound on the ice with a 5 lb hammer got my attention. I guess I am getting used to the idea o to the new normal – below zero temps and have just accepted that I will keep doing what needs to be done outside. Who knows, if it gets up to single digits, I might even attempt to break my treadmill running streak.

So the New Year has begun.