Check Around the House Too – RunLog 1/2/18

Have you stopped and looked at how much snow is actually on your roof lately? I just did the front of the house this afternoon and was shocked that there was purt’near two feet of snow on the roof (along with that heavy crust) and in the valley’s almost eight inches of ice built up. With a possible N’oreaster lurking on Thursday I am glad that I got most of the snow and ice off the roof and edges/valleys. Now to get ready for Thursday.

Also check the oil tank, with this kind of weather it is going down a LOT quicker than you think. I know that we attempted to call our fuel oil supplier to schedule a delivery and couldn’t get through, due to the LONG wait times, it made me stop and thing – it might be a good idea to get heating oil now, not later. So I stopped by their office in Augusta to schedule a delivery. It was a good thing that I did, the phones were ringing off the hook and our usual delivery day was almost full. Sometimes it does pay to simply go in person to do something.

Yeah, it is still pretty chilly.

It has gotten to the point where, it is almost, yeah almost — amusing. All we can do is keep moving forward, smile and do what we can.

After Bennie’s big walk (almost a quarter mile – up from the 100 yards over the past week – he is smarter than I am), it was still below zero and the road out front was more ice than anything, which I won’t run on – even with screw shoes. I prefer to stay upright and not injure things that are finally starting to feel pretty decent.

Another day on the treadmill.

Today I planned on an easy run and something a little shorter.

I ran easily at 7.1 mph for 3.0 miles and then increased the speed a little, with a good kick at the end.

It was just a nice run, where I worked up a nice sweat and increased the heart rate a bit the last mile. At no point during the run did I feel uncomfortable, which was nice. After finishing I walked for .25 and then upped the incline to 15% and walked at 3.1 mph for four minutes. Something that I want to do, after most treadmill runs, it stretches out the legs a little.

After lunch and a nap, I spent the best part of the afternoon, on a ladder, clearing the roof a bit. It is a helluva upper body workout, balancing on a ladder, while using a 5 lb hammer to beat the ice off the roof and then using the roof rake (it doesn’t reach the entire roof from the ground) to pull a few tons of snow off the roof – all without falling. Been there and done that – don’t want to do it again.

Once I could move again – I needed to rest for a while, I got on the elliptical and watched some treadmill TV on YouTube and did 9.0 miles on it. After I got on it, I didn’t have any issues keeping going, it was just tough getting the inertia going to get off the couch after playing outside with the roof. Having so many different options to watch on my iPad while doing the elliptical does make it a lot less boring.

Another good day and if I can keep up this level of activity, things will be good to go.