Thinking about Another Winter Storm – RunLog 1-3-18

Well finally, a bit of relief, it actually got up to 23*F at the house today, it as a tad warmer in-town. It felt damn near balmy, well not really, but it felt a helluva lot warmer than it has been lately. Now to get ready for what some are calling a “winter hurricane”, which is similar, but supposedly worse than a N’oreastah. Either way, tomorrow is going to be nasty!

Getting back to today.

It was clear and still below zero when we got up, I haven’t even attempted to see how many days in a row it has been – just too damn many at this point. Plus walking on the roads was still an adventure. When it was time for Bean’s morning walk, it was single digits, but on the positive side and he seemed more willing to keep going. So we went up the snowmobile trail a ways.

It was actually not too bad in the woods and the footing was pretty good, which means if we ever get any teens and twenties for temps, I might go for a run or two on the local snowmobile trails, they are safer than the roads and offer a lot better grip. Although there was a bit of coyote sign up back.

However, it was still in the low single-digits and the roads were not really runnable, so I hopped in the truck and headed to get haircut (I was looking pretty mangy to say the least) and then head over to the gym for more time on the treadmill.

The haircut went pretty good, got in out quickly and it was probably the best one I have in about 6 months.

Treadmill time, I planned and purposely did a easy run. The first 2.0 were at 6.8 mph, a quick rest room stop and then back on it at 7.0 mph. The bottom of my feet still get a bit sore, when I attempt to run with a little more of forefoot landing, so I don’t know if it is worth it. The treadmill just seems to bother my feet more than it used to – not sure why, but it is what it is.

In the afternoon, it was our errands day and get ready for the storm. Of course all this waited until after I had

After waking Bennie for his final walk, I got on the elliptical and kept it between 65-70 rpm and did 8.5 miles, while watching a trail run on treadmill tv on YouTube. This really helps me with The boredom factor that goes along with me being on the elliptical.

Just another day in the life.

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