A Good Start to the New Year – Week in Review 1-7-18

My first week in review post of 2018.

It feels like 2017 was so long ago after this week. I really believe that the cold weather does something to my ability to accurately judge how time passes. It is all in my head, but it is what it is, it does feel like New Year’s Day was an eternity ago.

Another cold-arse week in the books. Below zero days/nights or blizzard conditions, so I get to whine a bit this week about the weather – yet again. Well actually, I have kind of come to terms with the weather. I can’t do a damn thing about it (well, other than whine) and stuff still needs to get done outside no matter what the weather is.

So I have been gettin it done (whatever it was), despite or in spite of the weather.

However, I have been confined to the treadmill for my running this week and the a lot of time on the elliptical. Which to be honest the last time I ran outside was December 19th – about three weeks ago, which meant I got to run in shorts and t-shirts in the winter, but it is starting to get to where I am tired of the treadmill and want to get back outside.

Hopefully, either tomorrow or Tuesday I will get to go run on the snowmobile trail, the road is still ice covered and with a bit more snow predicted for tomorrow afternoon thru Tuesday morning, I won’t be running out front of the house anytime too soon.

This week did bring in the big blizzard they named Grayson. It left about 15+ inches of white stuff in the yard and required getting the snowblower out three times during and after the storm. Oh yeah, the neighbor came over this afternoon and asked if he could look at my snowblower (the beast). It seems that his wife told him to go buy one just like Harold has. He tried it out and said that even though it was bigger than his snowblower, it was a lot easier to maneuver. So he will get a beast snowblower tomorrow and asked me if I would help him get it out the back of his truck. “No problems”.

I went to my second acupuncture appointment and while I felt more like a pin cushion this week (she added in a bunch more needles), I am pretty impressed so far with some of the difference it seems to be making. I don’t know if it is the placebo effect or if it is doing a lot more than I thought it would. Either way, my back and shoulders do not bother as much and the day I went was after using the snowblower three times in less than 24 hours and roof raking the garage. Usually, I am laid up lame for a couple of days after something like that.

I am doing things a little different in 2018 below is how I will be tracking my running and some other activities.

It is a little different than last year’s RunLog.

They say that you will do more with what you track, so I have added in a column for:

Weight (I want to get back under 150 pounds) and if I track it, I tend to pay more attention to it.

Steps – that gives an idea of how active I really was that day

Elliptical Miles – I know that my “miles” on the elliptical are not equal to running miles (I do something like 5:00 minute miles on the elliptical – so they are not all that close to running to say the least). However, the elliptical is a lot easier on my legs and I plan to do a lot more cross-training, to not beat up the body quite as much and I want to keep track of my elliptical useage. Using the mileage puts what I am doing on it in terms I understand better and gives me a pretty good idea of what kind of workout load my body is doing.

Miles Run/Time/Pace – It is a Running Log after all.

Streak – The number of days running that I have done in a row. More for a reminder that I need to take rest day than to see how many days I have been running in a row.

Route – Where did I run

Cadence – All the books I read on running seem to make a big deal about what runner’s cadence is, so I just want to keep track of where I am with mine.

Shoes – Need to keep track of the miles on a pair of shoes

Overall, it is simpler than last year’s log and focuses on more than just running, since I am attempting to be smarter and healthier than I have been in the past.

This week

Weight – After the holidays were done, I weighed in at 166 pounds, so I need to loose 17 pounds to get under 150. I will get there.

Mileage Total – I ran 28.3 miles and added in another 43.2 miles on the elliptical for a total workload of over 70 miles total. Which if I ran that much last week on the treadmill, I probably would have been pulling my hair out or ended up on the injured reserve list. Instead I feel really good, with no real aches or pains to speak of. Some of this adding the mileage together is for me mentally, it sounds as though I am doing higher mileage than I really am, but I don’t get that feeling as much that I need to go out and do big miles each week.

I also discovered Treadmill TV on YouTube and have been using my iPad to take me on trails or runs that I find interesting while on the elliptical. It does help with the boredom factor and I was able to get in six sessions on the elliptical.


All my running was done in the Newton Gravity 3’s and they are doing great. Comfortable running shoes that I enjoy running in on the treadmill and the ones that I will use as my race day shoes if the roads are clear. I will do a 50 mile review on them at some point, even though they are on the Gravity 7 coming right up – I am liking my Gravity 3’s.

The reality is that

It was a pretty damn good week in spite of the weather. I had planned on getting in 60 miles of running and elliptical and ended up going over 70 miles total. The legs seemed to handle the workload without any problems (along with moving snow around from the blizzard), but I tend to think that 60 miles total is a more manageable for the old body, until I get my arse back in decent shape.

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