Not Quite As Cold – RunLog 1-8-18

The cold weather is breaking for a few days and I am looking forward to get outside a bit more.

I had really thought about running outside this morning, but when I took Bennie outside for his walk, the road was just too nasty. That brown sand/salt/snow slurry on top of ice really made up my mind that it wasn’t a good idea to run on it. That and down-back, well the snowmobiles haven’t been on it enough to make it walkable for a long distance, much less running down there.

Which meant another day on the treadmill.

I wanted to do 5-6 miles and ended up with 6.0 miles. I attempted to calibrate the watch, but it is all screwed up, so I can either start over or just not worry about the totals that it gives and go by the screen on the treadmill.

Nothing spectacular or worrisome happened while running on the treadmill, it was simply a good run, where I focused on form a bit. It was simply putting in the miles. Although the roads are a bit better in Augusta, so tomorrow I am thinking about running around outside from Planet Fitness, we will see how I feel, but I am ready to get my arse outside for a change of pace.

Later in the afternoon, I did 40:00 minutes on the elliptical and got another 8.5 mile e-miles. I actually enjoy making believe I am on a trail run someplace else while watching videos on the iPad – it does really help. If I could only run as fast as I go on the elliptical ;-). Then I might really surprise a few people.