Pretty Active Today – RunLog 1-9-18

Well, another one of those busy days, well at least it seemed that way to me.

With the temps getting back to reasonable, Bennie was more than willing to do his usual first walk and then when we went out for his long walk, he wanted to go up the snowmobile trail.

The road was nasty and neither one of us wanted to walk on it. We walked over towards the disc golf course and then the neighbor who is doing some logging started up his skidder. I figured we needed to turn around and get back by him before he got to working.

He got moving faster than Bennie did, so I decided to head up and around the back snowmobile trail, then come up the Bitch back to the house. Thereby avoiding chain saws, skidder and that kind of stuff with Bennie. He goes a little bat-shit crazy around that stuff, it scares the hell out of him I think and to keep him in his harness, I just pick him up and carry him through things like that.

Now, I love to run the snowmobile trails around the house, unfortunately, they haven’t been packed down enough to stop my feet from sinking up to my ankles on each stride or post-holing in places unexpectedly. So just walking on them was a helluva workout. Once we got back on the road, it really sucked.

The slur on top of the ice didn’t give any grip and the 1-2 inches on the side was just a pain-in-the-arse to walk in. The road really needed to be plowed one more time – they didn’t and it really sucked later in the day.

So I wasn’t going to get to run without traveling somewhere. I figured that going to Augusta would be my best bet. Their roads are usually some of the best in the area, but not today. It would have been a miserable run outside – everything was starting to melt, the sides of the roads that are usually great to run on were still snow/ice covered. Out of consideration of the old body and safety’s sake – I decided – you guessed it.

Another treadmill run.

At least I am running :-).

Once I got on the treadmill, I decided that the 4.0 miles was going to be a bit tougher and that I was going to ignore the calibration on the footpod/watch. I started out at 7.6 mph (just under an 8:00 minute pace and kept it there for a while, then about 1.75, I start to pick up the pace a little each quarter-mile. By the time I got to 8.3 mph I was talking to myself and calling whoever wanted to run a harder run today how stoopid they were. I went through 5K in 24:04 and finished the 4.0 miles in 31:11. Nothing all that earth shattering, but after walking 3.0 miles on the snowmobile trails with Bennie, I definitely felt it that last mile and a quarter.

After a good lunch and nap, it was time to play with the snow on the roof. It was that hard-packed drift snow that you have to work like a son of bitch to get loosened up and then drag it down off the roof. The good thing is that we have a metal roof and the 33*F temps made it so that it slid off in bulk after a while. You just have to get out of the way pretty quickly, when it starts to let go.

Then when I moved to the other side where the ladder is, I did things a bit different since I had to stand on the ladder to reach the snow. I have been doing the metal roof for almost 10 years and learned the hard way that you have to do a trench straight up from the ladder, before you start messing around with trying to get the snow off the rest of the roof. It took a bit of work, but when the snow finally released it was pretty impressive watching a 4ft snow drift go by the ladder (knowing there was now way in hell you could stop it), down off the roof.

That just about did me in and I had to go inside and rest up a bit before taking Bennie out for his last walk. Which turned out to be a lot shorter than I expected, due to the wind and him being kind of skittish over it.

After that, I did 6.0 miles on the elliptical and am pretty much toast now. Over 21,000 steps before 6:00 PM – a pretty active day.

I have a sneaking suspicion that I might sleep pretty good tonight.

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