First Run Outside in 2018 – RunLog 1-10-18

Today was my first run outdoors in 2018. Either the weather has been so bad i.e. sub-zero, blizzard conditions or the road beside the house more closely resembled a skating rink or slur (salt, snow, ice, and dirt all mixed together on top of ice) that you are barely able to walk on, much less run.

Well, the Town could have plowed on more time to get the slur off yesterday, but they didn’t. Thankfully the slur froze over night and provided decent traction, well enough that after walking Bennie down-back that I was willing to risk my dignity and my arse bouncing off the icy pavement to get off the treadmill.

Something I have not done since December 19th – far too long.

Oh yeah, Bennie and I walked a couple of miles down-back on the snowmobile tracks – they were not packed down enough and I would sink or posthole too much to even think about running – so I didn’t bother going down back either. It sure was pretty though to walk down there.

The run itself was one of those where you simply focus on staying upright and moving forward.

Temps were right around 28*F with bright sunshine and a light breeze. That first mile was mighty tough, getting used to running on a slippery surface again versus the treadmill’s belt that provided a constant surface that makes running a LOT more simple.

A really weird part of this run wasn’t so much the effort needed to maintain a certain pace (which was a lot harder), it was as the time went by the slur was melting and making the footing worse as I went along. Although I did find if I ran down the hill a ways, the middle of the road was mostly clear and as long as I avoided the vehicles going by made running in spots a little better, until I had to go back up the hill.

Either way it was a slow run, but a tough one.

All I can say is that even with the less than ideal footing conditions, it was nice to be outside again.

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