Pushing Against a Bit of Bug – RunLog 1-11-18

Tomorrow and Saturday are not going to be days that will be fun to run outside, actually Saturday looks like a no-leaving the house day, if the forecast holds true. In other words, the January Thaw will be over and then we head back into a quick deep-freeze again for a few days (more seasonable). Which meant that if I was going to run outside for a while, it was going to be today.

Unfortunately, I had caught whatever little bug that is going around the family. It isn’t one that drops you in your tracks or anything like that. It is more of a low-level I don’t quite feel well, but I don’t feel like total crap either, where you are lethargic and can’t focus too well. Mary, SD1 & 2 have all had it and I thought that I avoided it – but nope it got me too. So I really didn’t feel like running this morning, although I did walk around the snowmobile trail with Bennie – that took just about everything out of me for a while.

So I kind of relaxed, napped or read more of a pretty good book, Dusk by Tim Lebbon and finally this afternoon went outside to finish up getting snow off the peak of the roof.

It was in the 40*F’s and the sun was still shining, so after I rested for a couple of minutes – then I got changed up to run outside. I still wasn’t feeling 100%, but then again I am not going to just sit on my arse even when not feeling all that great.

Sections of the roads were really decent or horrible. The slur and slush on top of ice made things pretty tricky in places, especially from the speed limit sign to the top of the hill and then down on Pepin Road – which was worse than Philbrick as hard as that was to believe. Other stretches were either clear completely or had paths down the center on the side that were decent to run on.

Although that southerly breeze was what made me decide to run down to Pepin versus doing laps on Philbrick. I just couldn’t bring myself to run against it four times. I would have wimped out after 3.0 and I wanted to do at least 4.0 miles if I had stayed up on top.

While it wasn’t a fast run, it was still a good run, where I was happy with being able to get it done.

Oh yeah, I ran in the Gravity 5’s and was surprised at the decent grip on some of the sloppier sections of the roads. They felt stable and comfortable during the run and I guess the lugs dig in better than I thought they would in that stuff. Yeah, my feet were soaked when I got home, but most shoes would have soaked through in those conditions, luckily it wasn’t cold and I was wearing Merino Wool socks, which stay pretty warm even when wet. I am not so sure that they would be great in the really cold weather or snow, but I have a feeling I will find out before the winter is over.

Then after about a half an hour, I decided to get on the elliptical and did 6+ miles on that.

By the time I had finished my afternoon, my head had cleared, the body felt better and most of the lethargy had left. I figured all the exertion would either cure me or put me into bed for a while. I hate that in between feeling where you are not quite sick enough to shut things down, but not feeling good enough to do everything you want.