Getting Things Done – RunLog 1-12-18

Today was just one of those get things done days.

First thing was getting Bennie’s long walk done. Since it was so foggy, I didn’t want to walk on the roads, so I went down-back.

Surprisingly, the footing was better than it has been, mostly because the snow wasn’t as deep as it has been.

We got to walk about 2.0 miles in that stuff, which is a pretty good workout in itself. The shifting, wet snow doesn’t make it easy to walk. However, we made it down and back without getting too wet – a very good thing.

After that I headed out for a treadmill run, it was just starting to rain hard, so my choice to head inside for my run was the correct one.

Since tomorrow is going to be a messy day and running may or may not happen, I decided to do a longer run today and wanted to get in 7.0 miles versus my usual 4-5 miles on the treadmill.

I started out at 7.0 mph then increased it to 7.1 at 2.0 mile and I kept increasing it a bit all the way too the end. When I got to 4.5 miles a guy got on the treadmill beside me, he motivated me to start to increasing the speed a little more than I might have otherwise. Surprisingly, I felt pretty good considering how much I have increased my activity levels over the past couple of weeks.

When I got to 6.0 miles, I started to increase the speed by 0.1 mph ever tenth of a mile, until the last quarter and then I pushed the final quarter pretty hard. That last quarter mile after more than six miles was tough – it made me focus on my stride and cadence to get to the end.

Once I got done, I did 5:00 minutes with the incline set at 15% at 3.3 mph, which definitely gets my attention, but also stretches out the hip flexors, which like my ankles, need a lot of work.

After getting done on the treadmill, I had to hustle for my 1:00 PM acupuncture appointment. I still am not all that fond of needles, but over the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that I don’t have as many aches or pains that get in the way of my running. There isn’t any doubt that I have a leg length discrepancy – the left one is longer and she works on that first thing every session so far.

Once the legs get corrected a bit, she puts in the needles. I won’t say that I can’t feel them going in or while they are in, but it doesn’t bother me, I just lay there and go away, until it is time for them to be pulled out. I am not sure what the acupuncture is actually, but I do feel better after the sessions and sometimes that is enough.

After getting home and eating a late lunch, Bennie and I walked in the rain. Usually, he doesn’t go too far when the wind is howling and the rain is coming down semi-sideways. Today, he wanted to walk to the top of the hill and back – we got just slightly soaked. Which is fine, because the temps were in the high 40’s, but still it wasn’t all that much fun being out there in the rain, wind and fog.

Once I dried off a bit, it was time to get on the elliptical, it is just getting to be part of the routine in the afternoon and once I am on it, I sort of enjoy getting going. I did an easy 5.0 miles and watched treadmill TV running trails in the fog, so it was kind of fitting. Although it was probably back in October due to the number of leaves on the ground.

Overall, a busy but a good day.

Newton Gravity 3 – 50 Mile Review

Another discontinued/closeout running shoe to review. It seems that is about all that I do these days when it comes to reviewing shoes.

The Newton Gravity 3, that is correct the 3’s. Now I know that Newton will be coming out with the Gravity 7’s pretty soon, so why am I even bothering to review the Gravity 3’s?

Pretty much because I can.

Plus it gives me a baseline to compare them to a pair of the Gravity 5’s that I am using for clear days outside and for future models of the Gravity that I might get going forward.

MMMM Harold, it is almost as though you are thinking that you might be sticking with the Newton Gravity line.

Nothing is ever forever for me when it comes to running shoes or so it seems, but…

That being said, the Newton Kismet and Gravity lines are working well for me at this time. Maybe it is time to settle down and stick with a brand/models that are actually comfortable and so far have allowed me to “just run”. Instead of constantly searching and believing that the next “great” running shoe is going to be my “great” running shoe also. Doing this would be a pretty novel experience after going through more than 20 shoes a year for the past five years, without repeating a particular model line very often.

So it is a possibility, but if I do it will almost always be a model year or two behind the current edition of Newton Gravity running shoes. I just cannot justify to myself or TheWife the $175.00 price tag that getting the newest and greatest Newton Gravity’s entails – it is not that I am cheap. It is that kind of price tag for a pair of running shoes is a bitter pill for me to gag on.

Getting back to the Gravity 3’s

Disclosure of where/how I got the Gravity 3’s. Bennie ordered them for me for Christmas back in October from Amazon for an amazing price, but insisted that I couldn’t get them out until the big day. By November my Kismet 2’s were starting to show some serious wear, after I wore them for just about everything and I started to make some hints about opening up the G3’s a little early — some people were not that impressed with my efforts. However, to me it made perfectly good sense. There was just something about the Gravity 3’s that seemed “right” and I wanted to get them on my feet sooner than later, after I tried them on when they came in to ensure that the fit was right (they felt good and comfortable from the start).

Fortunately the crisis was averted when D2 got me a pair of Gravity 5’s as an early Christmas gift. Which meant that I couldn’t sweet talk Bennie or TheWife into letting me have the 3’s a bit earlier. So I dealt with not being able to get my feet in the Gravity 3’s by using the Gravity 5’s for outside (they just didn’t woo me like the 3’s did when I tried them on and ran in them) and Bondi 5’s for the treadmill, which didn’t end all that well.

First Run

The first run in the Gravity 3’s went better than I expected. Yes, it was a treadmill run and that is all I have done in them are treadmill runs. Our weather up heah from Christmas on has been a bit frightful – too damn many subzero days, icy roads or blizzard conditions, with very little decent weather for outside running. Plus, I am saving the Gravity 3’s from the mess outside for a while longer – after all I don’t want to dull the bright yellow glow that comes off them.

The G3’s have done well from 3-7 miles at all the speeds that I normally run 6.8 to 9.3 mph (not too much is done at the faster speeds anymore – Iam getting too damn old for a steady diet of that stuff). They do not get in the way of how I run and even protect me from myself when I go into heel striking mode (which I seem to do more than I thought I did). I have the video to prove it.

There were no issues with fit and the quality of the workmanship was definitely better than other shoes I have run in lately – it had better be for the original price point. I only a bit of discomfort from the front lugs (which I expected, since I had run in Newton’s before and knew pretty much what to expect for the first 50 miles. There is a definite difference between POP1 and POP2 and while I had started to run in the 5’s a little before I got the 3’s, I hadn’t completely transitioned over.

The Gravity 3’s are definitely “Harold” shoes. I love the bright yellow with black/red accents. It is definitely bright and no one can say they didn’t see this dumb runner, when I finally take them outside.

Other than that I can’t really say much more about them at 50 miles than…

The G3’s are working well for me.

Well enough that I took my Amazon gift cards and ordered another pair of Gravity 3’s.

I do like them better than the Gravity 5’s so far and I am not sure that it is just the appearance either. The G3’s have a slightly different feel than the G5’s, plus the 5’s weighed almost a full ounce more. Which put them more into the light-weight trainer category, than the 3’s which I consider to be more of a racer/light-weight trainer. It also meant that Newton did make some “other” changes to the 5’s – I just have not worn them enough yet to figure out what the differences are beyond the weight gain and some changes to the upper.

I can’t wait for the weather to clear up a little more, so I can take them outside and see what they do off the treadmill.