More Cold, Relaxing and Treadmilling – RunLog 1-15-17

Another day and more subzero temps, however, after last week’s thaw, it doesn’t feel…well as bad. Just a few days of respite from the cold was enough to re-charge some of the brain-cells, err batteries and make it so that I don’t feel as overwhelmed by the constant mind-numbing cold.

It doesn’t mean that I am happy about -5*F when we woke up or -3*F when I left the house to go to the gym. It just means that for mid-January in Maine the weather is pretty seasonable.

Nope no running outside today with those kind of temps and taking away a bit more with the wind chills = more time on the treadmill.

I am attempting to get into a bit of a routine (well around Mother Nature’s temper tantrums) and on Monday’s I would like to get in something around 6.0 miles. Although I did wonder before I left the house if I was coming down with something the way I was feeling and might have to adjust my run dependent upon how I felt.

Since I had a bit of a tougher run the other day, I decided to go with a mostly relaxing run and started out at 6.8 mph for a couple of miles. I will be honest, I really, really wasn’t all that into the run this morning and had to force myself to keep going at that point. I bumped it up to 6.9 mph and kept moving.

I am not sure why, but the bottoms of my feet bother me a bit more than they used to on the treadmill this year. It is not bad enough that I have to stop running, but it is a distraction. I wonder if it will carry over to running outside or if it is just the treadmill working bad juju on the bottom of my feet? πŸ˜‰

Oh well, it is what it is – I kept going.

At 3.75 miles , I bumped the pace up to 7.0 mph and kept it there until 5.0 miles, when I began that let’s get this done idea in my head. I do tend to push the last mile or so a bit harder on most runs. It is not quite the same as strides, but I progressively run faster and then the last quarter-mile I get down to what I would like to see as my race pace (or faster) at some point this summer. The last .10 I tend to kick it up a bit more to make myself push and get the legs stretched out a little. If I am really feeling froggy like I was today, I kick the last .05 at a sub 6:00 pace. I haven’t done that very often lately and it felt good.

It just gets me used to running a little faster than the slog that I usually do outside on most of my training runs.

Surprisingly, I think (sssshhhhh don’t tell anyone else), I might have gotten my Garmin footpod calibrated pretty damn close to the treadmill mileage. I stopped the treadmill at 6.2 miles and the watch had me at 6.21 – that is close enough for me any day of the week.

A good run and when I got done, the fuzzy headedness that I had before I started seemed to have been burnt out of me. I did work up a pretty good sweat and felt better than I thought I would. I did my 5:00 minutes at 15% incline and 3.4 mph to stretch out the legs a little more and then spent some time in the back room with the foam roller and some body weight exercises to limber me up.

For a workout that I wondered if I would even start it turned out pretty decent by the time I finished. Yes, Planet Fitness was packed and all the machines were being used, so it was a good thing I got there a few minutes earlier than usual.

Later in the afternoon, another 8.0 miles were done on the elliptical. Nothing special, just getting the mileage in and still feeling pretty good.

Overall a good couple of workouts, some body weight work and most of all a pretty relaxing afternoon. Although I am battling a bit of cold it seems, lots of sniffling, sneezing and stuff, hopefully it passes on through quickly.

Interesting Week – Week In Review 1-14-18

Wow!!! January is just about half over, can you believe it!!!

Yeah it WAS an interesting week:

The weather – it is still the big news around here.

Well at least, since I don’t talk about politics, religion or other in the news crap here. There is plenty about all of those subjects going on to keep us busy until the next millennium. All those third-rail subjects that take up so much of everyone’s time, energy and blood pressure.

I follow along, but…well at some point everything becomes overload and I just focus on the little part of the world that I can have an effect on. Then I go for a run. πŸ™‚

We did have a decent January Thaw after that gawd-awful deep-freeze we had been in since before Christmas and I actually got to run outside a couple of times. I won’t say it was particularly warm, but it was runnable, although the roads were still pretty crappy.

During the thaw I did get a chance to get the snow off the roof, there was just a lot of snow still up there and it needed to come off.

I am not a fan of standing up on a ladder and using a roof rake to pull snow down at me (roofs, ladders and me are not a great combination). It is an eerie sensation to watch four feet of snow, over ten feet wide go by you inches away, knowing that there is nothing you can do but stand there and hope that it doesn’t somehow catch your ladder on the way by.

However, it had to be done, because…

On Friday the rains came and lasted through Saturday morning – I would have hate to have seen all that rain be snow, it would have been measured in feet, not inches. Once the rain stopped and a quick freezing rain/snow line went through we went into a “flash” freeze which made things nasty as hell.

Around us, there was a lot of flooding on the Kennebec and with so many of the street drains being clogged there was some bad flooding on local streets in the local towns as well. Not good, especially when down in Hallowell (where I run quite a bit – in back of Main Street) cars and trucks that park down there were underwater. See the article below from the local newspaper if you are interested.

For us, it just meant a lot of ice in the driveway and the leech bed field flooded out a little and now we are back to single-digit temps and sub-zero as I finish editing this post, which whether I like it or not – it is now more seasonable.

Alright enough about the weather, what about running?

The treadmill and I still remain good friends, although I did get to run outside twice. Neither run was exceptionally fast or anything, but they were outside. I do know that running outside is different than running on the treadmill, but I will use the tools that I have at my disposal to get miles in during the wintah, up heah.

Monday – Treadmill and Elliptical

Tuesday – Treadmill and Elliptical

Wednesday – First run outside in 2018 and Elliptical

Thursday – Pepin Way 4.0 Miler and Elliptical

Friday – Treadmill and Elliptical

Saturday – Rest/DNR – Between the rain and the ice, didn’t really want to run or drive outside too much. Although I did enough to get in 20,000 steps.

Sunday – Treadmill only.

I got up to 30 miles running and felt pretty good – no major ouchies or other things. I had a couple of decent treadmill runs and enjoyed the outside even with the crappy road conditions.

Plus I got almost 50 miles of elliptical work done too. Which meant my activity level was damn near 80 (79.6) miles for the week. Yeah, the legs and old body was a bit tired after that much work. I still say that keeping things in the 60 mile range combined would probably be a better balance of workload, but believe it or not I am enjoying the trips I take on the Elliptical via my iPad and YouTube.

Yea, I know that elliptical miles do not equal running miles. That is a given, but I am getting my legs more used to turning over at a faster rate for longer periods of time than I would be able to just running. That sub-5:00 minute mile on the elliptical, does seem to help my leg turnover on the treadmill. I haven’t run outside in decent conditions yet, so I am not sure just how much it is actually helping my running? We will see if it does make a difference.

Getting outside however, was a change of pace that I needed.

For the first time in a while, I ran in shoes other than the Yellow Gravity 3’s. See my Newton Gravity 3 – 50 mile review here.

First up were the Under Armour Speed Tire Ascent, which I wear as my outside shoes for most everything nowadays. However, as much as I like them for walking in, I am not so sure they are my answer as far as trail runners go.

They did well, but (isn’t there always a but) the grip was not that great in the snow/slush/ice combo that was on the road outside the house and I didn’t find them particularly comfortable to run in.

It might have something to do with the cold and how it affects the midsole when I run in them??? Also the lack of grip at times makes me wonder how they will do on technical, muddy and rocky trails, where I want to remain upright – we will see.

The second pair were the Newton Gravity 5’s and the day I ran outside in them Pepin Way was crap. So I got a really good idea of how they would do – not too bad. Actually felt a little more solid grip on the SLUR than I felt in the U/A’s (the big front lugs help). However, they do feel like a different shoe than the Gravity 3’s, which is odd seeing they are supposedly the same model, just a different year. Just going to have to run more in them to figure it out.

Another very good week, where I work around what Mother Nature decides is best for us in her wisdom or is that…well whatever. Each year I dislike the winters more and get more meechy about running outside in crappy/cold conditions. I know that a lot of it is in my head and that I could if I wanted to just run outside.

I just don’t want to anymore.

In other words, I am consciously making the choice to run in shorts/t-shirt on the treadmill more this year. I guess I just don’t enjoy those cold days and the challenges of staying upright as much as I used to.

Getting old has changed some of my perspectives on how I look at and do certain parts of my running and other things – for better and worse.

See you next week.