An Outdoor 5.0 Miles – RunLog 1-16-18

It was still single-digits for that first morning walk with Bennie, but the forecast claimed that it was going to warm-up to the low 20’s*F. After all it is supposed to snow 4-7 inches of white stuff overnight into tomorrow afternoon so it probably needed to get out of the single digits. While I don’t mind the treadmill, I really prefer to run outside.

That and the fact that while I run some grand times on the treadmill, they really don’t correspond to how well I will run outside. They are two different beasts that might look similar, but they are not the same. Kinda like the difference between a free weights and machine weights, both will make you work, but the free weights are superior after you reach a certain point.

I have reached that point. While I can continue to improve (loose weight and get your eating under control Harold – would be a bigger bang for your buck) on the treadmill, it will be a battle over the drudgery and my stride limits of running on the ‘mill. It is time to get outside whenever Mother Nature cooperates.

This morning she did. 🙂

Well mostly.

I went to Planet Fitness not knowing whether it would be outside or inside, but when I drove over some of the course – everything looked runnable, so when I got to PF, I mumbled to myself something about doing an outside run. Well at least until I looked in the gym bag.

Ummm Houston we have a problem. No running jacket.

Yes, I definitely needed a shave and that got done a little later.

Now, I know that I am a tough old bird (who is getting wimpy), but at the same time a tech short sleeve t-shirt and long sleeve t-shirt, just ain’t enough coverage when the temps are 17*F, with a little bit of a breeze, even if there was a lot of sunshine. I had all the other gear I needed to run outside, but it wasn’t going to happen without at least a windbreaker over the top. Then I remembered in my emergency truck gear I had put my old LLBean anorak (a pullover windbreaker). So I dug around behind the back seat and found it at the bottom of my emergency kit.

Not my first choice for running – it is a large (I got it for going over multiple layers) and flaps all over the place, but at least I could run in it. I put my phone’s waist pack around the jacket and pulled down, which cut down significantly on the flapping around.

Okay, so I had outside cold gear.

Which meant that I was going to run outside.

I will be honest, I wasn’t sure how well all this treadmill and elliptical training would translate to running on mostly clear roads, so I wasn’t sure of how far I was going to go. I wanted to do at least 4.0 miles when I started figuring that would be a good test of the legs.

There is a difference between the treadmill and the road, you can feel it in your legs, especially since the only other runs outside this year, have been in crappy conditions where I was more concerned about staying upright than my stride.

Then you don’t have that motor assisting you to get your arse going.

So that first mile was a bit of getting the legs used to moving under their own power. I maintained a pretty respectable pace without pushing and headed up Outer Civic Center Drive towards the Commerce Center lights, where I turned around. The roads were bare and the little breeze was cold, but not obnoxious. When I turned around things began to click a little bit and I just cruised right along without pushing the pace too much.

Then I turned down Leighton and let the legs open up a little more and leaned into the run. The third mile was pretty good. When I got mile four, I was starting to run out of gas and going back up Leighton was a lot slower than coming down it. Once I got back on OCD, I was able to pickup the pace a little to the finish, but I didn’t have that treadmill kick. I just picked it up a little and finished the run with a smile on my face.

I don’t care what anyone says 17*F is cold, but if you go into a cold weather run with the right gear (or close to what you are supposed to use) and have the right mental frame of mind – it really is not that bad. Just getting out the door is the hard part most of the time, once you are out there, you tend to enjoy the moment – a lot more than when running on the treadmill. Although you do have to pay attention to the vehicles out there a bit more, especially when they want to take up more of the road than they should be.

Oh yeah, I ran quite well in the Gravity 5’s, they didn’t bother my feet at all and for the most part, well when I did my part, they were quiet and felt really good. They don’t feel as fast as the Gravity 3’s, but I think they will become my workhorse running shoes. Although the difference on how my feet feel on the treadmill and running outside has me wondering how the Bondi 5’s would do outside not that they have almost 50 miles on them? We will see.

Oh well a really good confidence builder and showed me how much work I really have ahead of me before I am in race shape. However, I will take this run, it was a pretty good pace for a old fart on a training run where he didn’t push all that hard.

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