Enjoying a Small Snow Storm – RunLog 1-1-18

It is supposed to snow most of the day, but it really isn’t amounting to all that much. We will probably end up with 5-7 inches of light, fluffy snow. Not really all that much and more a pain-in-the-arse than anything else. The temps are in the 20*F’s, just a little bit of a breeze out of the north, visibility is pretty good, the roads are all plowed (within the last hour) and not as bad as they have been in other storms – since most of the ice had melted away.

You know — one of those snow storms that you get to enjoy, not just survive.

Which means…drumroll please

I went outside for another run.

You see I actually enjoy running during this kind of snow!

I really wasn’t into running on the treadmill today and while I could drive in this stuff with the 4WD truck, if I don’t have to why bother Lady Luck any more than you have to. So I stayed home and did laps close to the house.

Running in this kind of a snow storm, is for the most part peaceful. There is kind of a surrealness about being out there running, with the snow silently falling around you and slowly filling the tracks you made on the previous lap. Most everyone else is inside and vehicles are pretty few and far between. You really do have to focus on running and how you lift your feet or land otherwise you will suddenly be kissing the snow – there was still a bit of ice under the snow in places.

I wasn’t in any hurry, wasn’t looking to meet any particular pace and didn’t need to be anywhere, so I was able to just go out and enjoy running in the snow. Nope, I didn’t even bother to look at my watch, when it buzzed telling me that I had finished another mile, I just kept running along comfortably at a pace where it felt like it was a nice recovery pace for the conditions that I was running in, until I got to 4.0 miles and called it quits.

Although I will say that doing laps on Philbrick wasn’t as much fun as going someplace else doing the run, but it was safer and if for some reason I needed to stop the run, I wasn’t ever all that far from the house. Sometimes when the weather is not that great it is better to be close to home than be a hurting hero just to get some great photos.

Mary and I had walked a couple miles with Bennie earlier and I hadn’t been too impressed with my U/A Ascents in this kind of snow, so I figured, why not use the Gravity 5’s. They did well in the crap last week when I ran down to Pepin and back.

I was pleasantly surprised again on how well they did in the snow. The front lugs do grip quite well and while they don’t have a lot of traction in the heel for going downhill, the way they feel in the snow kind of forces you to land towards the midfoot more. While the photos kind of look like I am toeing off (I do that from time-to-time), I wasn’t slipping my foot backwards too often when I lifted my foot off the snow covered road. I tend to want to believe that there was a little more land, lever and lift going on. 🙂

From early this morning – I just like the photo.

Overall, a pretty nice day for a run during a delightful snow storm. Later this afternoon or more likely after supper, I will be out snowblowing the 5-7 inches of fluff out of the driveway and get back to reality tomorrow. However, I will have some good memories of today’s run with me, after all how often do I say that I enjoyed being outside in the snow storm.

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