5.0 Mile Tempo on the Treadmill – RunLog 1-18-18

Although the sun was out, the temps were in the 20’s and just a hint of a breeze, due to the crappy road slur, I decided to take my running to Planet Fitness and beat on the treadmill.

Just a photo of the Maine woods on a beautiful winter day, after a little snow.

Yeah, more treadmill time, but I had a plan too!

With all the work that I have put in over the last few weeks/months, I wanted to see how well and long that I could maintain a sub 8:00 minute pace on the treadmill. This Sunday is the Annual Central Maine Striders January Thaw Road Race up in Belgrade and while I am not in any kind of race shape, I would like to push myself a little more than usual, especially if the weather is as decent as the forecast is calling for.

So I wanted to see how it felt to go faster than my pace from last year 8:10 for something close to 4.5 miles.

I set the tready to 7.6 mph and started off. I wasn’t using music, so I noticed a loud thumping from the treadmill next too me. When I looked over and saw that he was doing 7.5 mph and was about a half mile ahead of me. Every so often out of the corner of my eye, I would look over at him. Needless to say, he was struggling mightily to maintain the pace, arms flailing a bit and pounding away on the belt. He stopped at 20:00 minutes and was hanging on for dear life towards the end, just to make it.

It did make me feel pretty good about my own running in a sort of perverse way. Compared to him, I was running quietly and easily, my form felt compact and pretty fluid. Now we all know that I do not have the greatest form (to say the least), so I am not putting down the guy beside me, he has his own running form issues he can work on. However, it did show me that I am better off than some others out there.

The big thing was how I felt running at just under 8:00 minute pace. Strong and nothing hurt that wasn’t supposed to.

I went through 3.75 at 7.6 mph and it felt good.

I upped the speed to 7.7 and by .1 every quarter until 3.75, when I upped it to what I would like to be my race pace for a 5K later this summer for the last quarter mile.

It was the most consistently paced run I have run in a while and dropped my 2018 5.0 mile treadmill PR to 38:46, which isn’t great, but for as good as I felt, I will definitely take it.

This run was a pretty good confidence builder, now to just keep building upon the foundation that I am beginning to get in place. I really am starting to believe that doing the elliptical at night (another 9.0 miles on it this evening), in addition to the running is a good thing. Oh yeah, I also became a pin cushion again this afternoon and even though I have no replicable evidence that it is doing anything, it is funny that since I started going that my running seems to have taken that next step as my body is more pain-free.

Hell, I even got a little brave and finally asked to see the needles that she has been sticking in the old body today. Yeah, I am a really brave kind of guy to do that and not projectile vomit hehehehe.