A Day of Rest – 1-19-18

Today, I will not make 10,000 steps, I will not run a step and the elliptical will not go around once.

It was truly a day of rest.

Which is a good thing

Resting like this is something that I have not done since at least Christmas and you know something – my body did need it.

That is despite all the memes that seem to float around the Internet and social media like:

“Every Damn Day – Just Do It”

And so many other similar memes, posts or comments that I have seen lately there, that make you want to believe that taking a time to rest the body is a bad thing.

Well the body might be made to move, but there are times just plain old sitting and relaxing is most likely the best thing you can do for the body. It doesn’t really matter what age you are, in this 24/7, instant everything world that we now live in. Resting and relaxing today is more precious and less available than it ever has been.

To have so many memes or others “giving advice” on avoiding it or that resting is a bad thing, is in my opinion just wrong.

Taking the time for rest and recuperation are important parts of my training plan and in my life. If you do not rest, you do so at your own risk.

Run Streakers I respect what you do, but you are the exceptions and not the majority, most of us do need and should take days off.

Why the day off?

Although when I got up this morning I hadn’t really planned on it being a day of rest. I had planned on doing 4.0 miles and then probably 6.0 miles on the elliptical later in the day after my eye doctor appointment first thing in the morning over at Togus.

Yeah, the infamous eye appointment where they dilate your eyes.

It sucks, but is necessary.

I had an intern do most of the work-up and pre-exam (she did an outstanding job), but the hard part of having an intern do the bright-light exam is that the doctor has to come and do it all over again. I can usually get through the exam without any problems, but having those bright lights shined in your eyes, so they can check things out inside the eye – rather sucks by the end of the first time around. By the time the second go round was done, I was feeling pretty damn queazy and my head felt like someone had pounded on it with a ball peen hammer.

Not good or fun.

The queasiness went away a couple of minutes after they stopped shining bright lights in my eyes, but the pounding inside the old noggin wasn’t getting any better and didn’t for most of the morning. It wasn’t incapacitating, but it was damned annoying. Mary came with me, because sometimes the drive home after getting the eyes dilated is not a great idea. Luckily, it was overcast, so that wasn’t an issue, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

However, when we got home the sun did come out for a while, when I was walking Bennie and damn – that wasn’t good at all. My headache came back full force and forced me to sit on the couch with my eyes shut for about 45 minutes. Nope that part was not fun.

I decided at that point that my run wasn’t going to happen today.

It didn’t and after walking Bennie this afternoon, my body was telling me without any doubt, that I really needed the rest more than I needed to jump on the elliptical and get in a few miles on it, so no elliptical either.

In other words a very restful day and really what I needed more than a few extra miles.

Hopefully, it will let me run a bit better on Sunday. 😉