A Year Later

I usually do not get into politics on my blog, it just brings out the worst in people – at least the ones that do not agree with my perspective.

That being said, I do think it is appropriate to comment here on a few of my thoughts regarding the leadership of my Country, from the perspective of an sixty year-old white guy, who is retired military and leans a pretty darn conservative on many things and pretty liberal on others.

I wrote a post on Inauguration Day “I Hope There is Enough Hope”. In it I gave my hopes for the new administration going into the White House.

Actually, I am a bit depressed by re-reading it, because for the most part the opposite has happened. If anything the new leadership from the President and his Cabinet are worse than I could have anticipated. Yes, the stock market is zooming along nicely, but for most of us, that matters very little, tax cuts for who – really is the question, continuing questions about what actually happened with Russia, conflicts of interest, health care is less settled than it has been, divisiveness is a byword of the day in America, a government shut-down – when the President’s own party controls the Senate and House, along with a myriad of other less publicized issues that would be front page news if not for the overwhelming number of other problems or what my grandfather used to call “gems” (things you notice, but ain’t worth shit).

Unfortunately, President Trump from where I sit, does not lead, he plays games, belittles others to make himself look better and offers brinkmanship instead. If anything he purposely initiates chaos, redirects attention away from issues/problems that involve him, watches to see what way the wind is blowing and then presents himself as the only one with the “correct” solution. Which in my mind is not leadership.

I watch and listen to President Trump, not just the sound bites, but entire speeches and the actual Tweets that he sends out – they scare me. I read the actual words he says – when/if they are released, often I turn off the sound and watch the body language he sends out when he is talking.

They are not the measure of a President – at least any of the ones in my lifetime.

The many outright lies, the meanness and smallness, along with President Trump’s constant ego fluffing that he needs from senior members of his cabinet and others, are not the marks of the leader my Country needs or deserves. Unfortunately, too many supporters enable President Trump by saying that is just who he is, they had it coming to them, “they are lying”, he didn’t really mean to say that and this is what he meant to say instead.

President Trump continually undermines the people working for him or those that are supposedly working with him, he promotes dissension as a matter of course, he does not accept responsibility for his or his subordinates actions or inactions, especially when it might make him look bad (it must be somebody else’s fault or “they” are lying). The example he sets is not the one I would follow.

The more I see and hear the words President Trump speaks, allows to be released/published or worse – his tweets, is that he lacks honor, integrity, and his first loyalty is to his business empire, not to the people that he is supposed to serve as President. I am old-fashioned and I tend to take a person for what they actually say or do, not what others believe or say – he should have said or done.

Any hope that I had one year ago is pretty much gone that this administration in its present form will be anything other than a mess and promote many agendas that I cannot agree with. All that I can hope for is that democracy wins out in the end and that in 2020, that our Country has the opportunity look closely at the choices available to us and vote.

I will.

Unfortunately, as much as I hate to say this, I tend to believe that what we see is what we will get for at least the next three years from our President and his administration.

I will always respect the Office of the President of the United States of America, it does not mean that I will agree with the person who is presently serving in the Office.

I guess I want more from my President than what I have seen, heard, read or watched from President Trump.

3 thoughts on “A Year Later

  1. What disturbs me is the increased trend of incivility of communication about politics in the US a year later and how partisan Capitol Hill has become because of it. What he says scares me too, and I wish he would have become the president of the US, as I was hoping for after election, versus just government of white, red state America.

    1. Time will tell, but he is setting new “norms” for how a President conducts themselves in Office and if one of his successors take things even further than he has, it will become even more scary. Slippery slopes are very difficult to scale once we have started down them – that is my fear.

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