Surprise Treadmill Workout – RunLog 1-22-18

Mary and I walked the Bean for a couple of miles this morning, when we left the house it was 22*F and by the time we got back it had dropped to 17*F and freezing rain was making its presence known on my glasses. Which meant that my plans for a run down to Pepin Way were thwarted yet again by Mother Nature.

Walking in that stuff is one thing, but running when it is starting to get a bit slick out doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I do not bounce as well as I once did.

So off to the gym I drove, 4WD while in Sidney and then 2WD once I got to Augusta. They just don’t pre-treat the roads in Sidney and that makes things pretty slippery at times. Oh well, I made it to the gym without any issues.

I made a point of doing my pre-workout routine and I do think that it helps me run better when I do it.

Once I got on the treadmill I did a quick body scan and noticed that my left calf was still a little tight after yesterday’s race, since I planned on doing an easy run, I wasn’t too worried, but I would have shut it down if it had gotten any tighter – it didn’t. I started out at 6.8 mph and kept it there through 2.0 miles.

At that point, I had to take a brief timeout and when I got back I pushed the speed up to 7.0 mph for a couple more miles and then the last mile I upped it to 7.2 mph and kept it there. Nothing felt bad after going sub 8:00 during the race, the calf loosened up and as long as I paid attention to lifting my heels it was fine. However, I didn’t feel the need for speed at the end of the run today and kept things low-key right to the end.

Then I cooled down for a tenth of a mile and pushed the incline up to 15% for 5:00 minutes. I am finding that helps me running on hills a little bit, I am easing into it and strengthening the legs, before I increase the speed and attempt to do my usual – too much too soon.

During the entire workout I felt really good, which surprised me considering how hard I had thought that I had run yesterday. If I recovered that fast, maybe I held back a bit too much and didn’t push myself as hard as I thought. something to think about for the next race.

Yes, there will be more races this year. At least that is the plan.

Later on, I got on the elliptical for another 6.2 miles and felt pretty good then too. So I started the week out pretty well. Now to see how tomorrow’s snow/sleet/ice/rain storm goes. They are predicting 3-5 inches of snow before it turns over to freezing rain and then to rain. Gonna be a nasty day and yet another day on the treadmill it looks like.

I want to thank Ron again for taking some great action shots, when I didn’t know that he was doing it during the race yesterday. What the photos show is an old guy who has his body going in so many different directions that it is a wonder that he moves forward at any pace at all. Oh well, it sure is distinctive to say the least. Wonder why I hate looking at action photos of my running – sure as hell ain’t pretty.