Forced Inside Again – RunLog 1-23-18

I had to travel the roads this morning and it really wasn’t all that much fun, definitely a treadmill kind of day.

Once I got done doing my driving around, I headed to Planet Fitness for another run on the treadmill.

It was just one of those days where everything felt forced and that the 7.0 mph felt fast as hell that I started out at. Unfortunately, my body was also not cooperating and at mile 1.1, I had to stop and quickly make a dash for the bathroom. When I got going again, I focused on foot strike and arm swing, until I got to 4.0 miles. I felt as though I did better than usual and didn’t even beat my hand on the heart rate arms on the treadmill.

I held out until that 4.0 mile point and made another mad dash for the bathroom. I made it.

Once that part was done again.

I upped the pace to 7.2 mph and continued on and was finally feeling like I could run. Then at 5.0 miles I started to pick up the pace for the final mile and kicked pretty well for the last quarter mile.

While the first 4.0 miles were not all that much fun and to be honest it was a struggle to get that far on the treadmill. After that second pit stop, I started feeling better and ran much more comfortably from then on.

Being able to get 6.0 miles in of running on a day like this is gravy and bets attempting to run outside in the freezing rain/snow/slush.

Even the red squirrels wanted to be inside something today.

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