Treadmill and Some Competition – RunLog 1-24-18

Sometimes the day after a ice storm is as bad as the ice storm itself. The roads are still not really all that safe to walk on, much less run on, so today was another one of those treadmill kind of days. If I sound like I am whining, I am not. Even though the treadmill is not my preferred method of running, at least I am running.

I get to work on my form issues, strengthen the old body and callous the mind a bit to the pain that running faster entails. Not that I run all that fast anymore. As I found out this morning.

So after a walk outside with Bennie that we cut short due to the icy conditions, I trundled off to Planet Fitness for a few miles on the treadmill. I planned on doing 4-5 miles depending on how the legs felt. Yesterday they felt a bit tired, which is something that I have come to expect. For me when I race, it is usually the second day after the race that I feel the effort in my legs. My right quad and left calf were a bit tight, so I foam rolled before running and doing my warm-up exercises, which seemed to help a lot.

When I got on the only treadmill left, there was an old guy beside me and he was doing 1/2 mile intervals, the speeds were over 9.0 mph each time and then he would stop to walk to recover. He was cranking right along. I wanted to so badly to join in on the intervals, but I had planned on doing something easy with a little progression work during the last mile.

I started out at 7.0 for a couple of miles, increased it to 7.2 for a mile and decided that I would do the progression during the last mile and stop at 4.0 miles. The legs felt a bit tired and I didn’t want to overdo things today. Although I did pretty good on the last quarter-mile.

I got to talk with the guy beside me and thank him for helping to motivate me to keep my cadence up and that he was cranking right along. Seemed like a nice guy, but I don’t remember seeing him at any of the local races. I have a feeling that based on how I saw him running on the treadmill, if he is in my age group, he might be a bit faster at the end of a race that I am right now.

Gonna give me something to work towards. Not that I am in any way competitive. Although I did good by not getting on my horse and doing some intervals beside him – but I really wanted to. I just ain’t ready for that stuff – yet.

Though I will be this year.

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