A Little Running Gear Shopping Today

Today the wife and I went out and did some running clothes shopping. In my last weekly update I whined about many of my running shirts having that runner’s stench and needed to go away or worse that 15 additional pounds made some a little lot snugger than was comfortable.

Now I would prefer to support my local running store when I go out to buy running stuff. Unfortunately, we do not have one – the nearest thing in the Augusta, Maine area is the Local Dick’s Sporting Goods, which usually has some good running gear, but it is fairly expensive. Either way, going with first run prices on multiple pieces of clothing doesn’t really appeal to me. Plus with both of us retired it does means we have to keep things within the budget and be prudent on how we shop.

The other thing is we are not fashionistas and just want the gear we want to be quality stuff, looks decent on the old body and is reasonably priced for what we are getting. We do have a Mardens in Waterville, which is hit or miss, sometimes you can find GREAT deals there and other times, there is nothing – it depends on the luck of the draw.

So we drove up there and did some shopping. Mary found a couple of tops, but I hit the jackpot:

  • 2 – Tenn Bicycle Long Sleeve Tech shirts – I like bicycle shirts for longer runs in the spring and fall, I don’t have to wear my waist belt as often. One less thing to carry/wear.
  • 1 – Adidas tech hoodie
  • 3 – CEP leg compression sleeves – I needed new one, mine had all worn out.
  • 1 – Smart Wool toe socks – I wanted to try them again to see if they help a little more with that right toe of mine. After wearing when I got home I might head back and pick up the other pair that was there later in the week.

It doesn’t sound like much in the way of running gear, but being able to buy them at Mardens saved us a LOT of money and didn’t kill the budget like buying them at full-price would have.

After trying everything on, they fit like they were supposed to and best of all, there was not any rotten spaghetti smell emanating from the old body, err clothes when I put them on.

Like I said Mardens is hit or miss, but today it was a pretty big hit.

I will be a little less offensive to others when I go out in public now. Smell-wise anyways. 🙂

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