Staying Smart – RunLog 1-29-18

Today was supposed to be a long run outside, since I said supposed, you can figure out that it didn’t happen.

Why not?

It was really quite simple, the temps with the wind chills were below my safety zone. When it is 17*F and the wind chills are in the single digits, I don’t do long or longer runs outside. I have had a couple of pretty bad experiences over the past five years, in those conditions and hypothermia can get you in trouble, before you realize you are in trouble.

So I have established safety zones for me and my running – your’s might be different, but after the last episode (which scared the shit out of me), I don’t mess around with them and have made them into pretty hard safety features in my running. I prefer to be safe than sorry.

When we walked Bennie a couple of miles before I was going to run, I knew with certainty that the conditions were exactly the kind that I had gotten in trouble in before. Especially, since part of the reason for the walk was that I wanted to wear the running shoes and merino wool socks that I would have run in and by the time we got back to the house my feet were pretty much frozen.

Not a good thing or something I want to contend with on a long run outside.

I just wasn’t going to take any chances and that meant no longer run outside today.

Which meant back to the treadmill at Planet Fitness this morning.

I wanted to get in 5-6 miles at 7.0 mph – nothing too thrilling or anything, but close enough to what I wanted to get done for a long run.

Right after I got to 3.4 miles or so, when I was attempting to straighten out my arm swing, I accidentally hit the kill button and reset the treadmill. Grrrrr one of the pain in the arse things that I hate about the treadmill, especially when my footpod/watch calibration was all screwed up. Oh well, I had a pretty decent idea of my mileage and guesstimated the remainder. After all, I maintained a steady 7.0 mph the entire run, so it should have been pretty close.

Other than that blip, I felt good and got ‘r done.

2 thoughts on “Staying Smart – RunLog 1-29-18

    1. You have to be careful about which apps you use, especially if you have an older battery. The GPS apps do draw a lot. However, have fun with the walking and most of all keep getting out there – it is good for the body and the soul. 🙂

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