Cold Running – RunLog 1-31-18

I just couldn’t run on the treadmill again today and even though it was still pretty chilly, I decided to run outside.

However, since the wind chills were below my cut-offs for running too far from the house, it meant doing laps on the road out front. Not the most exciting or grand views, but at the same time it is a helluva lot better and have a LOT more variety than the views you get running on the treadmill.

That breeze was very noticeable and yes, it definitely felt like single-digits. Even though I have not run outside very often this year in this kind of cold, I haven’t forgotten how to properly dress for it. Wool socks, running pants (not tights), base layer, long sleeve tech, heavier jacket, running mittens, ear warmer/headband and tech ball cap. I wasn’t cold, but I definitely didn’t sweat either. In other words, I had dressed correctly, although when coming back against the wind, it would have been nicer to have had a fleece vest, but then I would have sweated when it was at my back.

The roads were clear with just a few ice patches that always seem to be where you meet vehicles, but hey, that is simply Murphy’s Law of running – That you will meet a vehicle in the worst possible place. Luckily for me today all the stars aligned and I didn’t meet any vehicles on those areas that were icy. A very good thing.

After yesterday’s GREAT speed workout, I just ran comfortably, not picking up the speed or pushing the pace. However, I purposely ran down the hill a bit, so that I would have to run back up a hill a few times.

I didn’t feel bad after that workout, the left calf was a little tight, but nothing serious or different than it was before the workout and the right lower back is a bit sore, but that for me is pretty normal after a harder speed session. So I came through that workout pretty unscathed, which is a very good thing.

FEDEX did arrive today and delivered a new pair of trail running shoes. My U/A’s somehow got a hole in them and it wasn’t repairable. So I did a lot of research on shoes and finally figured that since I wear them for most everything in the winter and don’t really run trails all that much the rest of the year. Based on knowing how I would probably use them, I didn’t really need a heavy duty trail shoe and that a combo style shoe would probably work the best for me.

Since Newton’s road shoes have been doing well for me.

I decided to get the Boco Sol’s.

I will get to run in them tomorrow. I was surprised and impressed when I first actually saw the outsole, it is a LOT more aggressive than I thought they would be – the online photos hadn’t done it justice.

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