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Month: February 2018

A Little Quicker – RunLog 2-23-18

A pretty normal morning, Bennie’s first walk, then a walk with Mary and Bennie, then taking off for the gym to do something. No I didn’t have a plan on […]

Make Sure Everything is Measured

The old sayings “if you measure it, you can improve it”, “if it is important, it can be quantified” or this quote: “Perhaps what you measure is what you get. […]

Long Run Outside – RunLog 2-21-18

Doing 8.0 plus miles outside is completely different than doing long run on the treadmill. I did my first outside long run of the year today and it was definitely […]

Opting Out and Opting In

A little while ago, I deleted all my news apps, got rid of most of the newsfeeds that I could in Facebook, kicked more than a few political/newsy type blogs […]

Newton Gravity 5 – 50 Mile Review

I got my Gravity 5’s as an early Christmas from my Daughter back in early December and they have become my primary outside running shoes, when the winter roads in […]

2015 to Now – Life is Good

As we get closer to the end of this forty-plus years of running highlights – that have included a few life stories as well, it gets easier, yet at the […]