Problem Solving 101 – RunLog 2-1-18

Today we had some snow that covered the ice patches on the road and elsewhere, so even just walking Bennie became an adventure.

I like the grip on snow that the Boco Sols gave, but like anything without a bit of metal in it, on ice, they were not all that great. No biggie, but Bennie’s 2 mile walk did give me some pretty good insights into how the Boco Sols would work for me.

That is after I figured out that the socks that I was wearing have a seam that runs across the tops of my toes that I never noticed in my other shoes. However, in the Boco Sols and how they flex in the forefoot, pushes the left foot’s outer toe box overlay directly onto that seam above my 4th toe and rubbed it raw. Not really the Boco’s fault, because when I changed socks that issue became a non issue and they felt fine. Well except where the toe already had been rubbed raw.

A form of Liquid Skin to the rescue and things were fine.

However, due to that even though the temps were almost 30*F and the roads in Augusta were just wet, with the raw spot on my left foot I didn’t want to tempt fate and have a “bad” first run in the Boco Sols. So I decided to see how the Gravity 3’s felt (no issues) and I did a nice 5.0 miler on the treadmill.

Although I had to take a time-out after a mile, the rest of the run went fine and I had a pretty nice last quarter mile.

Good run.

Yeah, I could have pushed the issue and probably have been fine running in my new Boco Sols, but at the same time, I didn’t need to and I really believe that it was smarter to wait on running in them until that spot is not bothered by shoes and being judicious in the choices of my socks with them. Although I will keep walking in them to break them in.

After my runs I had my Thursday acupuncture appointment and got through the appointment without any issues. I am getting used to the routine, however, there is something about being jabbed with needles that I will never get used to or like. However, I do like going and once the needles are in place, I relax and enjoy the experience. Afterwards I feel more relaxed, although today for the first time, I did feel a very tired when we got done. Not sure why, but I did, I feel good now – probably just a low energy day. All I know is that I plan to keep going – it is helping my right shoulder feel better and I have a feeling that adjusting that leg length problem each time does help me with running a lot more pain-free.

On a bit of a different note, I did stop by UMA and visited with some old friends, I really enjoyed seeing people today. It took me out of my usual routine and allowed me to talk with former co-workers that I haven’t seen since last summer. A good thing and gave me some things to think about going forward.

A pretty busy day, but a good one.

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