First Run in Newton Boco Sol AT – RunLog 2-2-18

Ummmm kind of a screwed day, but a great day to figure out whether I like the Newton Boco Sols or not.

We woke up to it snowing quite heavily, which made walking outside an adventure since the plow hadn’t gone by yet (it came while we were out there), then the snow stopped around 9:30 and left just enough in its wake that I needed to snow blow the driveway.

Not really a big deal, but still something else added to the gotta do it list. By the time I got done with the driveway, we had to take Bennie on his 2.0 mile walk to the end of the road and back. Which also gave me a good chance to check out the road conditions.

A lot of white ice from where they plowed and snow was covering the ice still left-over from the last ice storm. So walking was fairly tricky – again. During all this I was wearing the Boco Sols and they were impressing me, especially now that I have figured out that I can not wear socks with a top seam with them – it just doesn’t end well for my toes it seems.

I fixed the foot with a bit of athletic tape so that the rub wouldn’t bother while walking and got out my Darn Tough merino wool socks and didn’t hear a peep out of the foot and that owie at all the rest of the day.

The strange part were the temps this morning it was in the high 20’s with just a little breeze and by the time I got outside for a run around 3:00 this afternoon, the temp had dropped to 11*F at the house with 15-20 mph winds – brrrr below zero wind chills suck.

Based on the roads, I didn’t feel like driving to the gym this morning and preferred to stay home and have lunch with Mary. It is one of those things that I know I enjoy – it probably bugs the hell out of her at times though. I kind of putzed around a bit, finished reading a get better at running book and read some more of H.P. Lovecraft’s stories.

Then I got the bright idea to do some Yoga (I haven’t done any in a couple of years and that running improvement book suggested/said it was a nice complement to running. Now I actually enjoyed my Yoga practice when I was going twice a week at Champions and what the book had said about it made sense. So I looked up a video on YouTube and went about doing a session. Yep, still stiff as two 2×4’s nailed together, but I got through the tape and I haven’t forgotten all the poses yet, so it wasn’t all bad. I will try to add it in 2-3 times a week.

Now let’s get to the run and the Boco Sols.

It was cold when I opened the door.

Yeah, so what it is Maine, it is winter, it is supposed to be cold.

No, I am saying it was damn cold, with the temps below zero with the wind chill kind of cold.

Okay, you got choices:

  • Suck it up Buttercup.
  • Go back and sit on the couch
  • Go to Planet Fitness and run on the treadmill.

I sucked it up and walked down the driveway.

When I got to the road it wasn’t as horrible as when we walked, but it still wasn’t all that great either.

In other words it was a great way to test the Boco Sol AT’s on their maiden run.

With the ice and snow on the road, it meant that it was going to be slower, which is not a bad thing. In the areas that were straight snow or tar, the Boco Sols did great. They had good grip and were comfortable during the run…I had planned to only do 3.0 miles and because the Boco Sols felt so comfortable and had kept me upright without any issues, I decided to add one more mile onto the totals.

After that one, my face was starting to hurt, so it was time to stop.

A very nice winter run outside in the elements

Overall, the Boco Sols did better than I thought they would while walking this morning, snow blowing the driveway and running 4.0 miles. They did everything I asked of them today and were comfortable while doing it. I can’t ask more of a pair of shoes than that. Of course, my experience with them yesterday was a bit different, but using the correct socks with them helped a lot.

We will see where they are a month or so from now.

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