Back to The Treadmill – RunLog 2-3-18

You know when you wake up and look at the thermometer and it says -11*F (then subtract whatever wind chill is going on), that it is going to be a long morning. Luckily the pipes didn’t freeze overnight (we didn’t plug the house in) due to some issues going on with the garage electrical system, so I didn’t have crawl under the house with the heat gun and play unthaw the pipes in subzero temps. Always a good thing.

When Bennie and I walked out the door for his first walk, the wind was minimal. Even so, he didn’t dwaddle at all, eleven below is still purty chilly and he did his business, then we quickly headed directly back to the house. I didn’t even get in 600 steps hehehee, short walk – for sure.

It didn’t get a whole lot warmer for Bennie’s long walk and it was cut short, just because the little bugger was shivering so bad…he ain’t too bright sometimes and wanted to keep going despite the sub zero wind chills. Looking at how much he was shivering, we turned around t the top of the hill and he didn’t really complain. By the time we got home, he didn’t waste anytime getting into the house.

This meant that I got to go to the gym a bit earlier.

No, I wasn’t going to run outside this morning in subzero wind chills (the breeze came up a little), I did that yesterday and didn’t feel like a repeat performance. The idea of running on the treadmill in shorts and a t-shirt after those two walks outside with Bennie became a much more appealing option, versus the bundling up that I would have had to do.

Planet Fitness was busy, but I got lucky and got a treadmill as soon as I walked over to that area after doing my pre-run exercises. Shortly after I got on the treadmill there were people waiting for one, which I know that I hate.

However, the run itself was uneventful, a comfortable 7.0 mph for 2.0 miles, 7.1 for a bit and then progression for the last 1.50, with a strong last quarter.

  • Run Information: • Course: PF-Treadmill • Distance: 5.0 • Time: 41:30 • Pace: 8:18 • Shoes: Newton Gravity 3 • Temperature: Indoor • Weather: Indoor
  • Cross training: 6:00 minutes @4.0 mph at 15% incline and 7.5 miles on the elliptical

Overall, a really nice run on the treadmill and a heck of lot better than running outside this morning. I gotta admit that I prefer shorts and t-shirts to being all bundled up most of the time.Thank you for reading and being patient with a cantankerous old fart’s blathering and babbling on about the changes that I am going through as I get older and the fun that I am having as a part of this process.Originally written by Harold Shaw and published as part of

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