Long Run on the Treadmill – RunLog 2-6-18

Today was the first day of Tuesday’s being my planned long run day. After talking with TheWife last night and watching the weather forecast, we had sort of planned on me running towards Waterville and her driving after me an hour later. Which probably meant I could get in 7-8 miles, before she would catch up to me.

About right for where I am now physically.

However, this morning was rather a weird one. The forecast claimed it was going to be in the 20’s and sunny, but when we did Bennie’s long walk, it was definitely colder than that (our thermometer said 14*F) and on our way back up the hill, it began to snow flurry. Which when I stopped and thought about things, meant that I wasn’t going to run to Waterville this morning.

The temps were not in my safety range for a long run and with the snow flurry activity, it would hide where the ice was that IS on the side of the road.

Off I trundled to Planet Fitness.

Now I wasn’t thrilled about running more than 5-6 miles on the treadmill, but that is not really a long run in my book, but I figured that I would keep running and see how I felt.

I set the treadmill to 6.8 mph, plugged in my music playlist and put it on the History Channel with Closed Captioning (the Hatfields and McCoys feud was on) and began to run. I did do one thing different than usual, I wore my Smart Wool toe socks to see how they would do, since I have so many issues with my little toe on my right foot digging into the neighboring toe and causing some problems later in runs.

No issues until about 4.0 miles when I had that urge to run to the bathroom, I kept fighting it off and made it to 7.0 miles before I had to stop and run for a quick break and then I came back and did an additional 2.0 miles.

The bad thing with running on a treadmill is that when you get to 60:00 minutes, it shuts down to cool-down mode for 5:00 minutes and then shuts off. So it interrupts your flow if you want to do a long workout. So at 6.0 miles, I stopped it and then immediately re-started the treadmill and continued on.

I also brought my water bottle and after 2.0 miles took a quick sip of water every mile. It seemed to help when I got over 6.0 miles, where I usually loose interest and start to bonk a little.

I felt good running to 9.0 miles without too many issues, stopping for a bathroom break happens and by making myself wait as long as possible on the treadmill, I hopefully will get my body used to waiting when I get back on the roads.

Other than that issue and I am pretty sure I could have gone further. However, it is early in the year and I figured that since I haven’t done a long run in a while and my longest run before this was just over 7.0 miles, that it was prudent to not overdue things at this point. I have plenty of time to run longer later in the year and just want to get my body acclimated to running this long.

Plus if I can run long inside, I know from past experience that it does carry over to my being able to run longer distances outside when the weather cooperates. A good thing.

A nice long run in the books and although the GPS watch doesn’t give me credit for the full 9.0 miles that is what the treadmill claims and that is what I go by indoors. I have a feeling that is is a bit more accurate than my Garmin.

Good run.

By the way, did you notice that I didn’t complain about my right foot at all. The toe socks seemed to help keep the toes apart and not rub against one another. I will keep experimenting with them to see if they do help.

I also did an easy 6.0 miles on the elliptical, without any issues.

However, this evening, I noticed that I am an eating machine. Something that is pretty much the way it is when I do long runs, so it is a good sign that I am on the correct path.

Ice, Dropping Temps So I Ran Outside – RunLog 2-5-18

Yesterday morning the temps were in the mid 30’s to start and the roads were all wet and a bit icy from the rain storm (no, not a snow storm) we had the night before. Driveways were more like skating rinks and not fit to drive on, much less walk on without massive quantities of sand or salt (maybe both).

So of course after taking Bennie for his long walk, during mid-morning, we both decided to go for a run – outside. The big decision for me was whether to wear my Gravity 5’s or the Boco Sols. Based on the road conditions I went with the Boco’s and was very glad that I did.

Mary did laps on top and I went down to Pepin for a 4.0 miler.

While the road conditions had improved a bit from the photo above, they were not a whole lot better, when I started towards Pepin Road, the temp was around 32*F. However, the Northwest wind came up pretty steady at 10-15 mph with gusts higher, which dropped the temps down to 24*F by the time I got home. So everywhere it was wet, was probably/potentially ice and more black ice than there was already.

The Boco’s did great in the slush sections, but like any non-metallic studded shoe, you knew it when you hit an ice patch. The Gravities would not have done nearly as well, so my confidence in the Boco’s is increasing each time I wear them out in nasty conditions.

Actually the run itself was one of those get it done runs. You just run slowly, make pretty sure of your footing, the feet get pretty well soaked and I got to run back against the wind, which slowed me down even more. Going up the Bitch was just running up the middle of the road hoping no traffic would be coming up or down, because the edges were wet, re-freezing ice patches. Luckily no traffic was to be seen while going back up it, but after getting out of the S curve, the wind sure did blow in my face.

Not much worse than hitting the hard part of hill and having the wind blowing against you. At that point, I just wanted to get to the top and get the run finished.

I did and then relaxed for a bit, before we had to go get our taxes started. Nope I don’t do them anymore, I let someone else worry about that stuff nowadays.