Tired, Day Off and Good Run – RunLog 2-8 & 2-9

Yesterday, I felt my age and needed to take a day off from running and the elliptical. Yeah, snowblowing the driveway of 8-10 inches of snow on Wednesday night, getting up way to early for chauffeur duty, snow scooping the end of the driveway so I could drive out, then getting home, snowblowing the driveway and finally roof raking the garage roof.

After all that, I was exhausted.

So I didn’t bother to do a lot of anything else the rest of the day, other than going to my acupuncture appointment – something that was badly needed.

Thursday turned into a “rest” day. Although I think I burned more than enough calories over the course of the morning and had earned that easy afternoon.

This morning was cold again, but the roads were clear and I came pretty close to running into Planet Fitness, but when the temps were still in the teens after Bennie’s long walk, I decided that it was still a bit too chilly for running that far. TheWife agreed with my decision and seemed a little relieved that I had decided to not do my longish run outside today.

So the truck and I trundled into Augusta for Planet Fitness treadmill time.I did want to still do a longish run and set the speed to 6.8 mph and just ran comfortably. At 4.0 miles I increased the speed to 7.0 and kept it there. The run itself was not difficult to maintain the pace and the hardest part was to just keep going for the full time it took to get to 6.0 miles. It was just a bit of mental toughness training.

Although I got watch the close captioned version of First Take and their take on some of yesterday’s NBA trades. Sometimes I think turning off the sound and just reading what they are saying is better than listening to them yammer and yak. I find many of the sports shoes are so much about yelling and screaming to get their argumentative side of whatever issue they are supposedly discussing across that I have given up watching most of sports television. This is from a formerly hard-core sports fan, who followed MLB, NFL and NBA teams pretty heavily from the 1970’s onward.

Oh well, such is our wonderful society in this day and age, where discord, arguing and loudness are the way major networks report on sports and other things.

I guess that is why I have tuned out most of the sports news programs and new channels – in their efforts to gain our attention, they have tuned out many of us who simply want to support our teams, without all the hoopla and crap.

It has gotten so I that I don’t even bother with the TV all that much anymore when running on the treadmill and either just zone out to the music or just run without any distractions to work on some form issues that I have (just a few).

Yeah, I got off on a tangent, but I do get so tired of the sports reporters and how they present so much of the news they report. However, I was happy with my run today and time on the elliptical.

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