Ice Means Treadmill Time – RunLog 2-12-18

Unnnggghhh yeah, a very nice film of ice on the roads this morning – no thank you. Walking first thing this morning was interesting, but not fun, so running would have been disastrous. I like our longer walk with Bennie, it gives me a chance to see how the roads are and decide whether I get to run outside or if I head for another bout on the treadmill.

This morning was definitely a treadmill morning based on the roads around the house.

However, once I got to Augusta, I had some second thoughts about having fun on the treadmill. The roads were all clear, even the sides were in decent, very runnable with temps in the mid thirties. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough outside gear with me, though it was tempting to go with what I had. Mid 30’s are warmer, but still not that far from freezing temps.

However, it was just a bit too chilly and as much as I wanted to run outside, I decided that running on the treadmill with the gear I had with me was probably smarter.

Once I got changed I thought that I would run 5.0 miles or so.

So I got on the treadmill, set it to 7.0 mph and focused on my arm swing and running quietly. No music or TV, just running. I felt pretty good through out the entire run and had a really good last quarter mile. The bottom of my feet bothered a little and I have noticed that it seems to depend on which treadmill I am on, whether my feet bother or not, so I will keep track of the treadmills I am running on, just to see if it is the differences in the belt tightness that making a difference.

Overall a nice 5.0 mile run where I felt good the entire way.

Then I did 8.0 miles on the elliptical this evening and felt pretty good on that as well.

A More “Normal” Week – Week In Review 2-11-18

Last week a bit more of a “normal” week, well mostly.

A photo of our mailbox during the storm last Wednesday.

I found out that doing my long run at the start of the week, means that it is much more likely to get done. The weekends are still focused on other things that interfere with my getting away for a couple of hours or having Mary chase me down into Waterville or Augusta.

The weather on Sunday was crappy (rain, sleet, freezing rain), enough that I didn’t want to drive an hour down to Rockport for the 5K they had going on down there. So I did a short fartlek workout going down to Pepin in the freezing rain. I didn’t bother trying to do it against the wind or coming back up the hill, even so I still set a this year CR for this course in pretty crappy weather – it is still 3:00 minutes or so away from my all-time CR, so there is plenty of room for improvement.

The good part about doing a speed workout on the weekends that I don’t need to go to the gym or track to get one in, I can do them right around the house as a part of a quick run that I fit in sometime during the weekend.

So changing up when I schedule certain runs during the week is the correct thing for me to do and I learning that my schedule is not the same as anyone else’s – I have more freedom to be creative with mine. Continue reading “A More “Normal” Week – Week In Review 2-11-18”