A More “Normal” Week – Week In Review 2-11-18

Last week a bit more of a “normal” week, well mostly.

A photo of our mailbox during the storm last Wednesday.

I found out that doing my long run at the start of the week, means that it is much more likely to get done. The weekends are still focused on other things that interfere with my getting away for a couple of hours or having Mary chase me down into Waterville or Augusta.

The weather on Sunday was crappy (rain, sleet, freezing rain), enough that I didn’t want to drive an hour down to Rockport for the 5K they had going on down there. So I did a short fartlek workout going down to Pepin in the freezing rain. I didn’t bother trying to do it against the wind or coming back up the hill, even so I still set a this year CR for this course in pretty crappy weather – it is still 3:00 minutes or so away from my all-time CR, so there is plenty of room for improvement.

The good part about doing a speed workout on the weekends that I don’t need to go to the gym or track to get one in, I can do them right around the house as a part of a quick run that I fit in sometime during the weekend.

So changing up when I schedule certain runs during the week is the correct thing for me to do and I learning that my schedule is not the same as anyone else’s – I have more freedom to be creative with mine.

Unfortunately, I also learned that I simply do not have the stamina that I used to. Wednesday had that storm blew through and left behind about 8-10″ of snow. Not a huge deal, but enough snow that it is a lot of work move out of the way. I snow blowed the driveway for the first time that night (got most of it). Then had to do chauffeur duty that next morning, when I got home a couple of hours later, there was just enough snow in the driveway (3-4 inches) that it needed to be done again – that took about an hour or so.

Okay at that point the body was feeling a bit tired, but when I looked at the garage roof and saw how much snow was up there – it definitely needed to be done. No rest for the weary. An hour and half later, yeah a 24 x 48 garage with a lot of snow on it takes time.

I was toast.

I didn’t bother to go to the gym and when I thought about running in the road, they were pretty clear, my body told me in no uncertain terms “you are nuts and it ain’t happening”. Hell, I didn’t even get on the elliptical and spent most of the afternoon on the couch with Bennie and Elliott snuggled in close, snoring away. Well in between my acupuncture appointment at 2:00. I know I felt a lot better after, but still came home napped a little longer with the boys.

Yep, I am slowing down a little, but still out there getting things done. 🙂

Then I spent the rest of the weekend fighting off, whatever is going around, while still doing stuff that needed to get done.

A pretty decent week overall, but one that I did learn some good things about my running and that I can take my time to get things done versus having to do them all in a short time. After all my time is my time now and I don’t have to be anywhere 90% of the time at a certain time.

I just have to remember that. 😉

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