Simplifying Online Apps Again

This year is the year where I am going through and purging, getting rid of and simplifying things in my life. It is not just a one-time thing where you go through things, get rid of some stuff and then go back to collecting even more shit as time goes on.

Just changing old stuff for new stuff and not have it be all that much better most of the time.

Nope, simplifying my life is one of those ongoing things that I constantly am aware of and that I keep looking for parts and pieces that can be changed, improved, used differently or gotten rid of.

This week I took another look at my online life and unsubscribed, deleted my account or trashed some apps that I decided no longer interested me. Along with a bunch of email subscriptions that I have accumulated over the years that I look at and wonder why I subscribed when I did.

Some will surprise you.

First up:

Running Apps

My Strava account has been deleted.

While I do believe that Strava is the best of the online running logs, let’s be honest – I really do not need or use it for much of anything other than keeping track of some other runners that I know or know of and the occasional screenshot for the blog. When I thought about it the other day, I don’t really need to see how they are training and going through and simply “Liking” their runs is not really all that important to them or me. It is just another web application that gets free use of our running data.

It was time to get rid of it.

It is enough work to keep my Numbers Spreadsheet and this blog updated. Although I might make more effort to use Garmin Connect, now that I do not have Strava. I have a feeling that I also need to go back to Daily Mile and all those other old online running logs that I haven’t used in a few years and delete those accounts too.


Then I deleted all my news apps off my iPhone and iPad this afternoon, including Apple’s News App. This ability to read multiple sources/takes on the same issues 24/7 while great, is also a huge source of stress in many of our lives. I am going to go back to a bit slower and old fashioned way of receiving news. Once a day I will watch the evening news and listen to the radio when I am my truck.

If something important happens, I am sure that there will be enough hugh and cry that I will find out about it soon enough. When there are stories that I want to read about more indepth, Duck Duck Go will be able to find good sources (I almost always look for more than one perspective on important issues) for me to read the rest of the story.

I just don’t need to have a dedicated news app on my iPhone or iPad to get the latest notifications of all the sensationalist 24/7 news of the impending end of the world as we know it, which seems to be happening every hour of the day or so it seems.

No I am not burying my head in the sand, but I am getting rid of some of the clutter and unnecessary chatter that adds nothing but noise to the equation.

Social Media

Finally, I got rid of my Instagram account or at least I think I did – if the password worked. If it didn’t I will try again, but Instagram will go away one way or the other. I haven’t added photos to it in months, very seldom go in and do more than like a bunch of photos and then move on. It wasn’t important to me and did not add value to my online or social media experience.

To be honest, I really thought about getting rid of Facebook and then thought better of it. I have culled my friends list again and kept fewer people. The ones that I actually interact with, know in real life or are relatives who without Facebook, I wouldn’t keep in touch with. Although I have a feeling that at some point in the future that Facebook will outlive its usefulness to me and it will go away.

The reality is that

People need to remember that all these computer applications whether they are online or local are supposed to be tools that help us improve our lives, not rule them. Sometimes the developers, big corporations who data mine our online lives and ourselves forget that.

I do not need the web and I survived quite nicely without it for most of my life and while I prefer the advantages it gives me and understand that I need to give up my privacy in order to be a part of the web, my electronic devices do not rule my life.

I get to choose which ones are a part of my online life and get to delete and not use the ones that do not meet my needs. There may be more surprises as I move towards a simpler online profile.

Something to think about – isn’t it.

Treadmill Long Run – RunLog 2-13-18

After staying up too late watching the Olympics last night, I was a bit groggy and really didn’t feel like getting moving first thing this morning. Unfortunately, Mary is very much a morning, get up and get too it type of person, which means that I don’t get to laze around in bed – it has to be made first thing ;-).

That 2*F that the thermometer said was going on outside was a LOT colder than the weather forecast had claimed and when Bennie and I did his first walk. Well, it definitely felt like 2*F, luckily there was not a lot of wind.

It almost seems that at times Mother Nature is out to slow me up and make me run on the treadmill yet again. Now I know that is not reality, the weather is the weather and it is not attempting to thwart some lowly human’s attempts to run outside, but…it sure does seem that way sometimes.

Oh well this morning it was back in the single-digits and even after waiting until Bennie’s walk was done it hadn’t warmed up enough to get into my long run safe zone. Which meant yep – more treadmill time.

Tuesday’s are now my long run days. Which really seems to work a lot better with my schedule and it gives me Monday and Wednesday as days that I can use if for some reason Tuesday will not (that weather stuff or life getting in the way kind of thing).

So I got on the treadmill, set it too 6.8 mph and ran. Yes, I had my music play list going and also was watching the history channel – kind of a history of the world type of show, which I find rather interesting – being a former history teacher.

About 5.0 miles in the old body decided that it was going to need one of those bathroom breaks and although I made it to 6.0 miles, it was a bit of a dash to the men’s locker room. Then I came back out and resumed running.

Although it was a lot harder to begin again at this point and mentally I had to fight the rest of the way to get to 9.0 miles and then just gave up on attempting to get that last one. 9.0 miles on the treadmill is hard enough for me and hopefully the long runs outside will not be nearly as difficult to keep focused and moving forward.

Overall, a pretty good run where I kept up a nice and steady 6.8 mph speed up and even did a pretty good kick to finish up the 9.0 miles.

Still I would rather have done it outside, but soon I will be out there. The day’s are getting longer and the temps are getting a bit better.