A Beautiful Winter Day – RunLog 2-17-18

After taking yesterday off, I really couln’t wait to get out there to run this morning. Well actually the 6*F slowed me down from heading out the door until it warmed up a smidge. Although Bennie and I did walk down-back for the first time in a while

Looking back towards Blake Rd Hill

Looking Back up Stevens Hill.

While it wasn’t horrible until we got over to Blake Hill, I still wouldn’t want to run too hard down through there. There is a lot of white ice just waiting to reach out and grab ya. Since I do not bounce as well as I used to, discretion is the better part of valor and I chose to run on the clear tar down to Pepin later. Once we got over Blake Hill, the road got really icy and I decided to turn around just after getting to the bottom.

It was just safer.

I did try something different though. I wore my Hoka Bondi 5’s to see if they still bother my feet or not. I am very happy with the Newton running shoes, but I also have these in the house and it is nice to have a change of pace running shoe to alternate into the rotation.

Going out they felt fine. I have always run decently in them and going down the hill today and then down Pepin was no exception. However, somewhere between 2 and 3 miles the bottoms of my feet started to bother again.

I am not sure what it is about the Bondi 5’s that do this to my feet, but it is uncomfortable and not what I want to feel on the bottom of my feet when I am running. Plus they do not work as well with my Merino Wool socks (which are a bit too thick). I will try them again in a few days with my Smart Wool Toe socks and see how they do then.

Otherwise the run was actually faster than I thought it would be and everything felt fine otherwise. Although they are a bit heavier and I could definitely feel that heaviness going back up the hill.

I would love these to become my recovery/alternate week long run shoes, but if that uncomfortable feeling on the bottom of my feet doesn’t go away in the 10-15 miles, I have a feelin that the Bondi 5’s will.

This afternoon Bennie and I went on an adventure. We looked for a place to go for a walk besides around the house. We checked out:

UMA not really a good idea to walk those trails

the lower end of the Hallowell to Farmingdale section of the Rail Trail – not walkable

Hollowell to Augusta – Hey we bothered to get out of the car and made it to the the mini-S curve before the ice became so bad that we turned around.

While we were walking, I got this bright idea of using the Bondi 5’s on the elliptical for a while to see if I can break in the the sole a bit more. I really believe it is because the sole is so frigging stiff that it causes issues for my feet.

So I did 6.0 miles on the elliptical in them and while they started to bother towards the end, it was not super uncomfortable like it was while running. So hopefully between running in them for a while and the ellipitical, I might be able to get them broke in enough to make them a comfortable running shoe for me.

Well at least that is my hope.

It was a beautiful winter day and while the temps were only in the mid 20’s, with the breeze it felt a bit colder. Any way you look at it though it was a great day to be outside and enjoying the sunshine.

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