Finally A Nice Recovery Run – RunLog 2-19-17

After walking 2.5 miles with Bennie this morning down-back, I knew that I would not be running on the treadmill this morning. It was simply too damn gorgeous outside.

Although I was seriously tempted to run the snowmobile trails this morning, but in the end I decided at this point in my life, it was not what I wanted. Yes, the snow is going to be scarce in a month, but running the snowmobile trails alone is not as safe for me at 60, as it once was.

Call it a concession to getting older or simply me acting a bit smarter, but I do not bounce as well as I used to and if something happens in 20*F, out in the woods on a not very busy snowmobile trail, wearing just my running gear. Well let’s just say I want to be able to still be smiling when they find me.

Yeah, I am loosing that old spit in the face of daring do and going out the door to do just do it – I am actually starting to think of consequences of my choices, before I make them.

Damn this getting older and wiser shit, but it is happening. Albeit slower than for most.

So no running the snowmobile trails alone for me today and I didn’t want to run down-back either, since I had just walked there with Bennie.

Augusta beckoned.

I knew the roads would be clear and runnable and they were.

I ran from Planet Fitness and kind of wandered around doing a couple laps around OCCD and Leighton Road ending up doing over 5.0 miles of just running at a very comfortable effort level. The wind came up while I was out there and really slowed me down when I got back on Outer Civic Center Drive, but up to that point the mile splits were all very close, so I accomplished what I wanted.

Although by the end of the run, I could feel that I had already walked 2.5 miles down-back. The Hoka Bondi 5’s are a heavier shoe than I am used to and that might have contributed to the tiredness at the end of the run too.

This is the third day in a row that I ran in the Hoka Bondi 5’s and I am still not loving them.

The thing is I run well in them, but my feet do not feel happy in the Bondi’s and never have. I will swap out the insole agin and see if they feel different. I have replaced the laces with elastic ones – I really dislike the stock Hoka laces and usually replace them rather quickly after the shoes get over 50 miles on them. Sometimes it is a combination of small things that help make a pair of running shoes – my running shoes.

We will see what happens with these small changes.

I suppose that I will have to write my 50 mile review soon since I now have over 60 miles on the Bondi 5’s, but unless they really start feel comfortable, it won’t be pretty, even though they are a shoe that I want badly to work for me. Unfortunately, if the Bondi 5’s keep feeling like they have on my feet when running means they will leave the rotation yet again and if they do this time it will be permanently.

A good day of walking, running and a just a bit of thinking about the Bondi 5’s.

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