Raining and Small Changes – RunLog 2-20-18

Let’s try this again, I had the entire post written and then discarded it before I saved it, so I did not even have a deleted copy to recover. Just keep smiling. 🙂

Finally, my Hoka Bondi 5’s had a run where they did what they were supposed to – not make my feet hurt and pretty much disappear on my feet. Let’s back up a bit.

Last night I swapped out the insoles in the Bondi 5’s to a thinner pair that I had used successfully in a different pair of running shoe and changed the laces to an elastic lace system. Then this morning Bennie and I did his long walk in the Bondi 5’s to see if those small changes had made a difference. For a change they didn’t bother at all on the walk. Good news.

However, today was supposed to be my long run and I really wanted to get up to double-digits for the first time this year. Unfortunately, it was mid 30’s, raining and foggy – definitely not great long run weather…doable, but with tomorrow predicted to be in the 60’s and sun, I thought that a long run in shorts and t-shirt might be more appealing.

I would not have worn the Hoka’s for the long run, I don’t trust them for that yet. However, a nice 4-5 miles in the rain wouldn’t be out of the question. So I headed out into the rain and fog.

The green elevation graph is a bit exaggerated, but I do dislike that big hill so close to the end of my run.

The Bondi’s felt good and I purposely kept the pace slower, since I will be doing the long run tomorrow, by the time I got down to Pepin, I was feeling pretty good, so instead of taking my normal turn down there, I headed off for the Middle Road.

There was a lot more traffic than usual on the Middle Road and then I remembered it was school vacation week and more than likely there were a lot of people go to and coming back from Augusta’s shopping areas. All I know is that I spent way too much time on the road shoulder, which meant running through soft sand, mud, puddles and avoiding traffic when it got a little too close a few times.

When I got down to the Reynolds Hill Road, I almost called Mary to ask her to pick me up in Augusta. I wasn’t looking forward to running back up Philbrick Hill and going back up what I knew was going to be a wind tunnel going back up the Middle Road. I probably should have, but I didn’t.

Yep, going back up the Midddle Road was fun running into the headwind, rain, road shoulders and it seemed even more traffic than there was going out. Lots of fun.

It was even slower going up Bartlett, but I made it without any big issues. I just took it easy and slow up that hill. Then finished comfortably.

It was a nice 6.0 miles in the rain, but you notice that I am not complaining at all about the Hoka Bondi 5’s today. They actually felt comfortable and I didn’t think anything about them except to think how good they felt. This is the first run in them that I have not fought against discomfort or pain in them. This is the run that I should have had in them the second or third time, not 70 miles later.

However, I finally had that good run in them that I have been looking for. All I can hope for now is that it is repeated the next time out.

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