Long Run Outside – RunLog 2-21-18

Doing 8.0 plus miles outside is completely different than doing long run on the treadmill. I did my first outside long run of the year today and it was definitely harder. Although the weather did cooperate with the temps being in the low 40’s with a 5-10 mph breeze out of the south – of course the direction that I was running towards.

Today was supposed to be a record setting temp day, well I think the snow pack and light breeze kept the temps down and fog around a lot longer than the weather forecasters thought it would around here. Although it did get into the mid 40’s round the house and getting into the 40’s in February is a real treat, it was not shorts and t-shirt weather when I ran.

Still it wasn’t all that cold either.

Today’s run was not about speed, it was completely about running more than 8.0 miles outside.

I was looking to stay right around a 9:00 minute pace and did really good with it:

The course is a mostly down-hill course, with a couple of bumps to keep me honest.

I started out comfortably, although I did spend a bit of time on the road shoulder avoiding traffic a little more than usual – that school vacation traffic. A couple of times I had to come to a complete stop when traffic was coming in both directions where a big puddle and snowbank blocked the road shoulder – no biggie, but just a pain, but stopping was better than loosing a battle with a couple of pick-up trucks. πŸ™‚

Once I got out on Outer Civic Center Drive, I was able to run comfortably and a lot more safely with the breakdown lane on the sides. However, I was starting to get tired by the time I got to the Commerce Dr. lights and was feeling like it was getting close to time to finish. Even though I usually pick up the pace going down Leighton Road, today I just kept plugging along and didn’t attempt to go any faster.

Although I got to my usual stopping spot 8.2 miles 1:11:52, I decided not to stop, since Mary hadn’t caught up to me yet. I turned around and planned to walk back up the hill from the Water Works to the Cemetery and then start running again.

Luckily for me, by the time I got to the road before the cemetery I could see Clifford (our Transit’s name) coming down the road – it is very red and easy to see. So I was a little faster than the 9:00 minute pace, but it gives me something to improve on next time.

That can happen later in the year, right now I just want to get the old body used to running longer outside for a while. πŸ™‚

Oh yeah, what running shoes did I wear?

The Hoka Bondi 5’s. I wanted to learn if I was going to have any issues with them or not. The answer was that I didn’t think a whole lot about my footwear today.

It was a good thing to learn.

Overall, I was very happy with the run and especially how the Bondi 5’s performed this morning. Although I am a bit sore tonight, like I said at the start running long outside is a LOT different than doing it on the treadmill.

Today was a indicator of things to come, weather-wise and hopefully my running.

However, it is still February and there is possibly some snow in the forecast for tomorrow. Wait a minute and the weather will change.