The Smallest Things – RunLog 2-22-18

Sometimes the smallest of things can throw you off and change your plans

Today it was simply a missing red combination lock.


Yeah, I went to the gym to do an easy 4.0 miles on the treadmill and then do my Thursday weight session.

However, when I got to the gym, my combination lock was not attached to my gym bag? I had it for Tuesday’s outside session and was reasonably sure that I had put it back on the bag when I left that day, especially since I remember that I put it on a different spot than I usually do and no it could not have simply slid off.

Somehow I must not have cleared the combination and it detached somewhere along the way.

I still don’t have a clue about where it is though. I searched the lost and found boxes there, emptied out my gym bag and even went to the front desk and searched through their lost and found box. I did find my missing NB running hat (so not everything was for naught). I have even searched the truck and around the house – no lock to be found.

That meant I could not lock my locker, something that I will not do at any gym, particularly this one. Too many people go in and out of that locker room…let’s just leave it at that.

Which meant that I packed up everything in my gym bag and used the front treadmill, so I could keep an eye on the bag too. Not really what I wanted to do, but the treadmill itself felt better than the ones up back…more solid, so that was a good thing.

I did a comfortable 3.0 miles at 7.0 mph, then the last mile I kicked it up a couple of notches and had an excellent forced kick for the last quarter mile.

At least the run was good.

During the run, I got to thinking about how I could get the weight workout in and not have to run the bag out to the truck, so I wouldn’t worry about things. I thought I had things pretty much figured out and a plan in place to get the second part of my workout done.

Then I looked at the clock.

All that time I had wasted looking for the red combination lock didn’t give me enough time to get in my weight workout, which unbelievably I had been looking forward to. I don’t do weights enough and when I have to skip one that I wanted to do, that is not a good thing.

Oh well, the weights will happen, just not today.

Mary and I make it a point to really try to eat lunch together (along with the other meals), it is one of those things where we like to be together. So I didn’t want to be late for a very important date.

On the way home I got to thinking about uses for my old One Foot In Reality blog. Sometimes I wonder if I should resurrect it and use it for some of those thoughts that don’t really align with running. Then again, do I really need to keep up two blogs, when I still seem to write about pretty much whatever I want here any way. We will see if I do anything or just keep things simple.

The reality is that

It is surprising how something as simple as not finding a combination lock can change the entire scope of your workout. At least the run was a really good one.

The wife also kept making comments and teasing me, while we were walking Bennie when FEDEX went by that they must be delivering shoes for me. Which I took that she was tacitly saying that it would be okay to order a new pair of running shoes. Especially, since the Hoka’s while they are finally sort of working now they ain’t that perfect running shoe.

I do want a pair of running shoes that I know that I can run long in comfortably. The Newton’s are great for most of what I want, but I do feel a bit too beat up after an hour in them.

So I am going back to a brand that worked quite well for me and we will see how it goes, when they come in.

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