A Little Quicker – RunLog 2-23-18

A pretty normal morning, Bennie’s first walk, then a walk with Mary and Bennie, then taking off for the gym to do something. No I didn’t have a plan on what I was going to do for a run today, Fridays have become my free day, where I get to do what the body wants to do.

Today it also meant eating some of those wonderful highly sugared, nasty, horrible, yummy snacks that I can’t open the package and eat just one. YELLOW PEEPS!!!!!

Getting back to running, some weeks, it means a couch potato day, others it might mean a good run outside up to 5.0 miles. Well this week I really didn’t have a clue when I left the house or even when I walked through the Planet Fitness doors what was going to happen. Yeah, on the way in I thought about a few possibilities, but nothing seemed to be the “right” thing.

I decided that I wasn’t going to run outside even though it was very runnable (high 20’s, a little breeze, clear roads), so I went through my warm-up routine for the treadmill and stood on the last treadmill available (school vacation week means more people) – the same one I ran on yesterday.

While I was finishing up my final stretches while standing on the sides of the treadmill, inspiration hit me. I decided to only do 3.0 miles and then foam roll and stretch things out after. Okay that sounded pretty good, unless I do not run this weekend, I am pretty sure of getting in my 30 mile week.

As I was getting the treadmill upta speed, I had another wonderful idea, why not go a little faster today. The body seemed to want to go faster than I have for a while.

Okay, I set the treadmill to 7.6 mph and did that first mile without any issues other than the little toe on my right foot was not splaying out like it should and was still pressing in too much against the other toe (too many runs in the wrong shoe this week) – if I had to guess.

At 1.0 miles I pushed the speed up to 7.7 mph and then again at 1.5 to 7.8 mph. After that I started increasing the speed every so often and had a really good last quarter mile kick.

It ended up being my best Treadmill 5K time of 2018 by a whole second.

No, I was not attempting to go for that, it just happened. The best part of this run was that I never felt like I was working harder than I should for the speeds I was running until that last quarter mile, even then I was still feeling strong, but also know that I am not in any kind of shape to do those speeds for much further than I did.

However, I felt as if I could have kept going if I had slowed down to the pre-last quarter speed for a while longer. Which to be honest surprised me, usually at those speeds my tongue is dragging on the belt and the old heart is pounding or is that hammering away pretty good.

After getting done, with the run, I cooled down a bit and then did 15% incline for 5:00 minutes @ 4.0 mph. I do like to do that at the end of a workout, I am not quite cooled down and it forces me to pick up my feet for a bit.

Then I hit the mats in the stretching area, silently screaming a few times when that damned foam roller hit or is that bit into some spots on my legs. Damn that thing does find some nasty spots on those old legs of mine. Did a few stretches and called it good.

I felt very pleased with the run and the pre/post workouts that I did, now to have a few Peeps, then later for supper a great homemade Pizza and Beer.

Gonna be a good night.

4 thoughts on “A Little Quicker – RunLog 2-23-18

    1. Thanks, Peeps are one of those old comfort foods that I have never outgrown and I eat them a few times each year, even though I know that I should not. Looking at the ingredients list is a scary thing.

  1. Years ago when I was unemployed for 13 months, I used a steep incline on my treadmill to walk my way to about 25lbs of weight loss.
    I walked for two hours 3-4 days per seek, but it worked and I didn’t get injured.
    18 miles in the rain tomorrow. When I look at what Lindsay Vonn went through to ski, a little rain seems like nothing to complain about!

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