Another 5.0 on The Treadmill – RunLog 2-24-18

Waking up this morning to a bit of nastiness left over from last night’s – I wouldn’t call it a storm, but it left the roads not something wanted to walk on all that much, much less run on them.

So I walked Bennie down to the brook down-back, really pretty down there

And procrastinated getting going on my run. The roads were just a bit wet by then, but chilly wind had kicked up and I was hoping that it might calm down a little if I waited.

Also I knew that something was coming via USPS and they deliver a little earlier on Saturday’s. That new pair of running shoes that I couldn’t resist.

Finally, the mailman drove up and there was one of those shoe box sized boxes with my name on it.

My Skechers Go Run Ride 7’s had arrived.

I will go into the why, wherefores in an initial impressions post a little later.

Which meant that I could do today’s run in them. Aren’t you glad you waited, errr procrastinated a little.

Yes, I am.

The roads were still a little wet and just in case, I figured I might as well run on the treadmill in them for the first run. So off I went to Planet Fitness.

After doing my pre-run work, I got on the treadmill, set it to 7.2 mph and ran. No issues, no problems, well except for a small one at 1.25 miles when I had to run to the locker room. When I got back I reset things to 7.2 mph and ran another 2.0 miles.

When incredibly the old body decided that it was time to visit the locker – again. Well let’s just say both visits were VERY productive ;-). However, it wasn’t what I wanted to do during my first run in a pair of running shoes.

One thing that I have to remember in them is on the treadmill to vary my stride and how I land in them. I noticed that if I just ran, that the outside of my right foot would begin to bother a little from the repetitive landings on the outside of my foot in the GRR7’s, otherwise no issues and this is an I tend to have in many shoes on the treadmill.

Once I got back on I did another 1.50 at 7.2 mph and then picked it up a little to 7.6 mph for the last quarter. I did scurry back to the locker room for one more visit. It seems that the old body is cleaning out the pipe back there and that running hurried things along.

Not too shabby 5.0 miles in 41:10 for the first run (with too damn many interruptions). The Go Run Ride 7’s felt good and I felt a couple of pounds lighter. Hehehe