Skechers GoRun Ride 7 – Initial Impressions and Great Expectations

I will be honest, I have not been totally thrilled with most of the shoes in my rotation, with the exception of the Newton Gravity 3’s, which are doing more than I ever thought they would. My current shoes are enough for 3-5 miles, but as the weather up heah in Maine get a bit more reasonable for running outside, I have been starting to pick up my mileage a little.

So I have half-heartedly looking for a pair of long run shoes that are comfortable and don’t leave me feeling beat up after running long in them. This sort of looking for new long run shoes became more of a priority after this week’s run – when the shoes I ran my long run in, left me feeling beat up and were beginning to bother my tailor’s Bunionette.

About 3-4 weeks ago I read Sam’s blog Road, Trail, Run and his review of the Skechers GoRun Ride 7 and some other blog reviews, which intrigued me to say the least. I have run in the GRR2 (4-pair), GRR3, GRR5 and several other Skechers Performance models. I loved the GRR2’s and as much as I liked some of the other models/lines – they well…didn’t fit right. Which I attribute to the pleather strap that Skechers uses to provide some structure to the upper and how it lays across my tailor’s Bunionette.

However, when I read the review, a lot of what the reviewers discussed were how I felt about my old GRR2’s. The more I thought about it and fought to run longer runs in my other shoes, the more it sounded like it was time to try the GoRun Ride 7’s.

The $90 price point wasn’t as painful as other highly rated 2018 shoes and the shoes themselves are supposed to be more sophisticated than the other Skechers Performance shoes I had run in previously, so I ordered a pair from Amazon.

Since I plan on them being my long run shoes, I got them in size 8.5 and plan to keep the insole in, the one thing that I do with most Skechers running shoes is get rid of the stock laces and put in Locklaces. I don’t understand why so many of the brands seem to have gone to mono color for the shoe/lace combination- me I prefer the laces to accent the color way – not be the same.

The only thing that worried me was that damn pleather strap that Skechers kept, even with the knit upper. I know that I am probably the only person who ever whines about it, but that strap that seems to sit on top of my tailor’s Bunionette is the reason that I stopped running in their performance line of shoes.

Otherwise, the shoes to me have a plain Jane kind of look, others might call it classic, me I tend to call them boring. They certainly are not flashy Harold shoes, but at this point I will take comfortable over flash. Although if they had a more colorful color way, I would have ordered that instead.

I want to be noticed when I am outside running and since I run on the roads more than anywhere else, being noticed is a good thing, especially when it is an oncoming driver.

As you can see the weight came in with the insole in at 8.7 ounces, without it 8.2 ounces and with insole and Locklace 8.9 ounce. I think for the convenience and consistency of fit, I will deal with .2 extra weight. 🙂

Looking at the outsole, I will not have to worry about them picking up pebbles and rocks, but at the same time I won’t be doing too many runs in the snow or mud with them. They are for road, track or dry, easy trails only.

First Run

My first run on them was on the treadmill and they did as good or better than all the shoes I have run in lately. On the treadmill, I tend to run without varying my stride and after a couple of miles, the outside of my right foot begins to bother – always the right foot. All it means is that I have to change my form and how I landed slightly from time-to-time and once I did that the GRR7’s didn’t bother.

Otherwise, they felt smooth, comfortable and quiet. I felt strong throughout the run and could have run a lot faster or farther in them right out of the box. Also I had forgotten how quietly I run in Skechers and the GoRun Ride 7’s are no exception. Not Ninja quiet, but damn quiet for an old clodhopper.

First Run Outside

The storm hadn’t started and the roads were still clear, so I did a Pepin 4.0 miler in the GRR7’s. This is my test course, it has a pretty good hill (down then back up), dirt road shoulders, usually some wet spots, lots of sand, places to pick-up the pace and generally gives me a pretty good idea of how I will run in a pair of running shoes.

Going down the hill, the cushion in the heel was perfect and then when I hit the flats I was able to pick it up a little without really trying. I purposely ran on the dirt road shoulder that is dirt covered ice as well and the outsole had a surprising amount of grip. There is a lot of sand/salt mixture on the roads around heah and while I wouldn’t want to pick up the pace too much on that stuff in the GRR7’s, was able to take corners with a lot of confidence.

Overall, they felt comfortable and the GoRun Ride 7’s were quiet while running, which means that I run pretty efficiently in them and I could tell when I was running a bit more forward and off my heels, they just ran smoother.

The reality is that

My first impression after a treadmill run and a run outside on my test course is that I have great expectations for the Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s. There is no guarantee that they will live up to those expectations, but I have a feeling they might be a special shoe in my rotation.

They are comfortable, smooth and quiet.

We will see.

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