5.0 Treadmilling and Thinking About Aging – RunLog 2-26-18

The morning started out with the roads rather nasty, but by the time we finished walking Bennie for his long walk, they were mostly just wet. Yes, I could have run outside at home, but I had run down and back up Philbrick Hill yesterday and didn’t feel like doing laps up on top.

So I headed into Augusta to figure out something.

When I opened my gym bag in the PF locker room. Damn it, I had forgotten to put my GRR7’s in the bag like I planned and only had the Gravity 3’s in it. I am still using/saving the G3’s for treadmill and race day shoes, so doing a run outside.

Which made up my mind for me – to the treadmill I went. It was probably just as well, because if I had run outside in the Gravity 3’s, I probably would have run faster than I wanted to. Mondays are normally an easy day for me and at least on the treadmill, I can control the pace a lot better than I tend to outside.

I got on the treadmill and looked on either side of me and saw a couple of old geezers. Now to be honest they were probably younger than I am, but I do not see myself as old and when I thought about that I chuckled to myself. Stop and think Harold what do those 20 and 30 somethings think when they see you getting on the treadmill beside them.

Yeah – who is that old geezer?

Not taken today, but same treadmill.

I laughed out loud and one of the guys beside me just looked over at me like I had lost my head and then went back to watching the TV in front of him.

I chuckled and set the treadmill to 6.8 mph and ran that speed for 2.0 miles. Then I raised it up to 6.9 for a mile and then the guy on my left got done and a older lady (about my age) got on that treadmill. When I looked over at her (everyone looks when somebody new gets on the treadmill beside you), I smiled, didn’t make eye contact on purpose, chuckled to myself and went back to running.

To be honest I just wasn’t into running on the treadmill this morning, I wanted to make sure that I got home to eat lunch with Mary today, since tomorrow I have to take Dad to an appointment up in Bangor that will take most of the day. So I really was more focused on what time it was than getting into the run.

It was a mind thing and I had to play a couple of games with myself to get to 4.0 miles.

At 4.0 miles, I picked it up to 7.0 mph and kept telling myself that I didn’t have much longer to go. Then I kicked the last quarter mile, just to blow the cobwebs out of the brain and remind the old body, it could still things a long pretty good.

Sometimes I forget that I am 60 years old and that I don’t look a lot different than some of the other old guys wandering around the gym, when I look in the mirror. There are real biases against aging and it does affect how we view and think about those who are around us who look old – you know have that gray hair, wrinkles and all the stereotypical old people looks. Whether it is in the gym, store or wherever. Hell I find myself doing it too and that does bother me more than I want to admit.

I am old and if I think that way, I hate to think of how others look at me and others who are at least my age.

It is scary how we look at aging as something to be ridiculed or wished upon someone else, versus the idea of accepting that it is a part of our lives and the fact that we are lucky enough to become old. I know that it is something that I need to think more on and not just because I am getting to be one of the old ones too.

Another one of those *isms that we all have and hate to admit to.

Good run and getting to do some more thinking.