GoRun Ride 7 and Double-Digit Run – RunLog 2-28-18

A very different 10 miler than I was expecting.

No, nothing went wrong, in fact it was one of the best 10 mile runs that I have had in a long time. It was not easy, no 10 mile run is easy for me, but the big thing was that my feet did not hurt on the run because of my running shoes.

That made all of the difference.

This was my third run in the Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s and if this any indication of how they are going to perform, I am going to be a VERY happy runner! I zero problems related to my shoes and they did everything that I could ask of them.

The weather was about perfect for a long run – mid 40’s, partly cloudy, a very light breeze in my face most of the way and clear roads. So I was looking forward to getting going on this run. We arranged out busy day to include time for me to run to Augusta and get picked up by Clifford at College Carry-out.

When I got out the door, my body just felt tight and I thought it was going to be a tough one. Luckily, I think that I am like most runners in that respect the first half mile of a long run is daunting. You know how much further you have yet to go and the body isn’t warmed up enough to start enjoying things yet. During this part of the run, you feel all those little niggles and aches that you don’t notice otherwise, that hyper vigilance thing that notices anything going on with the body.

I had planned to keep the pace around 9:00 minutes and see how the GRR7’s would do on their first long run – you have already heard the news on that :-).

Even so, once I got going down the hill, I started to feel better and while I didn’t try to pick up the pace, I still ran a bit faster than I expected during the second mile. After that I settled into a nice pace and didn’t speed up too much, but also didn’t slow down all that much either.

Consistency for a change.

Once I got to the 8.0 mile mark and turned on Bond Brook Road, I did pickup the pace a little. It was more getting into the comfortably hard area, not race-pace hard. Usually by this time in most of my long runs my feet or hips are bothering and I start to slow down a lot. With NOTHING hurting, it is amazing how much better you can run, I guess it has been so long since that happened on a long run, that I had forgotten how it feels.

The GRR7’s did good on the dirt road shoulders and sand/salt grit left on the roads, when I hit wet areas, I felt confident of the grip and the energy return was still noticeable even at the end of the run, when many shoes are beginning to feel “dead” to me or is that my legs are dead. To get the last 2.0 miles of my first 10 mile run of the year down in the 8:30’s and still have something left if I had wanted to go further says a lot about the shoes. Especially, when I felt like someone had beat on my legs at the end of an 8.0 miler last week.

Now the GRR7’s are not the complete reason that I felt good on the long run. I have been working on the little things that have helped me get healthy over the past few months, but they might be the missing piece that I have been looking for, for so long. I know it is way too soon to say too many great things about them, but damn I do like the way I run in them.

A very good long run for the end of February, now to keep building on them and stay smart about my running – remember Harold running is about enjoying the running first and competition second. Keep the priorities in the correct order.

Although it was a pretty great way to finish off February.

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