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Month: March 2018

A Bit ‘O Rain – RunLog 3-30-18

Yep, it was raining this morning…I am not really complaining all that much about it, since rain at this point in the year is a lot better than the white […]

People Watching – RunLog 3-26-18

You know that sometimes you just do not feel like running on the same routes that you have all winter and at the same time I knew from Bennie’s long […]

Trail Running Shoes – How I Really Use Them

There are a lot of sub classes of running shoes, daily trainers, racing flats, light-weight daily trainers, motion control, minimal, maximal, cross country spikes, etc. Then there are trail running […]

One of Those Days – RunLog 3-22-18

Yeah, it was one of “those” days, but thank goodness that N’oreastah stayed south and all we got was a LOT of wind along with a couple small flurries. A […]

Solutions Not Rhetoric

I am going to keep this short and sweet. Tone down the rhetoric and work towards solutions. Real ones, not just stop gap measures to get through to the next […]

PI N’Oreastah 3-14-18

Finally, I have enough of a brain back to talk about the Pi N’Oreastah or should I say moved beyond being just a tad tired exhausted from snowblowing, snow blower […]