February 2018 – Mother Nature Could Not Make Up Her Mind

February 2018 was an interesting month, one where the weather was still the big topic of conversation, my running was still going well, where I have started running in shoes that gasp might be what I have been looking for and I am still slowly loosing weight without putting a lot of effort into it.

My favorite photo from February was:

Walking down-back one day when the snow and ice were not horrible.

Yeah, weather-wise Mother Nature was fickle, capricious and left us going WTFO during most of the month. Oh well, the last part of the month the roads were runnable for the most part and with record highs going on I was not one to complain too much after January’s record colds.

In keeping with my start of the year plan here are the things I am focusing on and how they are progressing: Continue reading “February 2018 – Mother Nature Could Not Make Up Her Mind”