Windy and Treadmill Time – RunLog 3/3/18

Yesterday was a much needed rest day. I had run 13 days in a row before it and was physically and mentally ready for no working out kind of day.

Also we got pretty lucky this time, the N’oreastah went south of us and they got hammered pretty bad down there. Up heah we got some pretty good breezes 30-40 mph with a few gusts that were higher. Though it is looking like Wednesday/Thursday we are gonna get whacked with the next one coming in.

Yech. I am ready to move on to mud season, but I guess Mother Nature wants to wait a bit longer.

Bennie and I decided to go down-back for his walk even though it was a bit dicey in some areas. We got our walk in, but I decided that I didn’t really want to go running outside with the winds blowing like that. The temps were good, the roads clear, but I really dislike running in high winds and if I have a choice, I head inside.

I did tweak my left knee a little on the ice down-back, I slipped when I should have stopped going up the hill. Nothing serious, but I did notice it, until I got back on the tar, when it started to feel better. So I am not too worried about it.

So off I went to the gym. Continue reading “Windy and Treadmill Time – RunLog 3/3/18”