Just a Bit of a Breeze – RunLog 3-4-18

Well the big winds have left us, but the breeziness is still around, but not enough like yesterday to drive me inside. Instead I got to run outside, enjoy some good sunshine and finish up at the same time as Mary finished her run.

After yesterday’s tougher 10K tempo run, I planned on an easy 4.0 down to Pepin. Now I won’t lie the wind at my back going out made things a little easier and going down hill with the wind at your back makes that even easier. So I was purposely running slower and having a hard time doing that.

Sometimes going easy, mean holding back…right.

Now the one thing about all that stuff going out, was that since this is an out and back course that I had to run back against that 15-20 mph breeze and go back up Philbrick Hill against that breeze. Needless to say I did not have a hard time going slower coming back! 😉

Although I did pick it up slightly after I got back on top of the hill, nothing overly hard, just enough to stretch the legs a little.

All I know is that I am really, really liking the GoRun Ride 7’s so far, since I am planning on 5-6 Monday and a long run on Tuesday, I will get to the 50 mile review sometime towards the middle of next week. Unless things change dramatically between now and then, I am pretty sure of the direction this review will be taking.

About the same time we are supposed to get whacked by a N’oreastah. They are predicting anywhere from 2″ to 20″ of snow or some combo of rain, snow and crappiness. In other words they don’t have a clue yet on what is supposed to happen other than to say Wednesday to Friday might suck weather-wise.

The left knee that I tweaked while walking on the road down back yesterday, felt good during the run and the rest of the body didn’t have any after-affects from the tempo run yesterday. Both things that I was wondering about last night, because I did feel pretty tired and a bit sore.

Not to worry, a good night’s sleep, taking the Epsom Salt bath and not getting on the elliptical all played into a good easy run this morning. I did some things differently this week and I will be getting into that on the weekly review. 🙂

Good day even with the breeziness.

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