5.0 Treadmill Miles – RunLog 3-5-18

The roads were clear and temps were reasonable, even if it was a bit breezy, but I headed off to Planet Fitness for a treadmill run.

Huh, what for, running outside is a LOT better, so why the treadmill.

Pretty simple, I wanted to control the pace, since I am planning on doing my long tomorrow morning. It also meant that I would do a good pre-run warm-up (I do it more consistently at the gym) and then I would be more likely to play a little with the weights and foam roller after I got done – which I did!!!

I started out at a nice 7.0 mph for 2.0 miles, then increased it to 7.1 mph for a mile and then increased it again to 7.2 for 1.75 miles. Everything felt good, hell I even thought about doing an extra mile, just because I could. However, I got to thinking about running 10 or so miles in the morning and decided to stop at 5.0. So I ended up with a good last quarter mile and felt strong, even running faster than my race pace this year.

Nope, I don’t plan on running that fast during a race, unless it is in a kick at the end, but it is good to practice running harder than I am going to, just in case I get really frisky one out there.

I go through running shirts all too quickly, they get stained (I tend to not pay attention to what I am wearing when I work around the house), get runner’s stank, or get ripped some how or another. Say what you will about Wal Mart, I was able to get four tech workout shirts for $5.76 each, which is about right since they only last me around 2-3 months before I have to get rid of them.

Sometimes not cost effective to pay $20-$30 for a workout shirt, especially, when I haven’t been racing a lot to get those “free” t-shirts.

For a change I ran smart and didn’t try to over-do my run today and be ready for my long run in the morning. Who knows maybe this getting older stuff is getting me a bit wiser too. Not really, but it would be nice to think that way hehehe.

Another Good Week – Week In Review 3-4-18

An interesting week to say the least!

I got to spend some time with Dad, enjoyed a long run (yeah enjoyed it as much as I can running that far), spent more time outside than on the treadmill and hopefully found at least part of the solution to my running shoe woes.

February is over and as we round into March, it seems like for many of us it is coming in like a Lion, so hopefully if the old saying holds true it will go out like a lamb. At least the last storm stayed to the south of us, but that N’oreastah coming Wednesday to Friday, doesn’t look like that much fun. We will see.

My favorite photo from last week:

Seeing Mary & Bennie waiting for me at the end of my long run on Wednesday, I was ready to get in Clifford at that point. πŸ™‚ It was a great 10.0 mile run, but by then I was toast and needed to sit down.

The best part of things right now is that we are getting into a pretty nice routine. One where we are getting things done around the house, running more and taking time to work on our health.

So yeah, it was a pretty good week.


I had my first double-digit long run of the year this week and it was one of the best ones that I have had in a long time, it was not easy, but the feet didn’t bother from my shoes and that does make such a huge difference for me. I didn’t get quite as many miles in as last week, but still over 30, which is my goal through the end of March.

After that downback should be clear enough to run on regularly and I have move local options for running other than up and down Philbrick Hill or the Treadmill, both of which have their pros/cons, but getting in more variety will help me get in more mileage – at least that is my thinking.

I also did not worry about getting on the elliptical as much, I just didn’t feel the need this week, so that was a bit of a cut-back on the elliptical and running totals by almost 20 miles. It is almost as though the body does not need the extra work as much when I get to doing long runs too. However, I would like to keep the elliptical going 3-4 days a week year-round, it does help as long as I don’t over do things – not that I am wont to do something like that.

Although I did take a complete rest day on Friday, because I was mentally and physically beat after 13 consecutive days running – I find that after 12 days, I need a rest day. It worked really well and I had a really good tempo 10K run on the treadmill Saturday. Tuesday was when I had to take Dad for his appointments and life got in the way of running/exercise, but overall, my activity level was over 20,000 steps for most days.

That getting into a running routine versus a training plan is working better for me. I don’t do well going strictly by a plan and the routine kind of thinking gives me the flexibility I like, while still providing enough structure that I get things done. Although it seems that Wednesday is becoming more of my long run day – we will see how that goes moving forward.


I am at that 160 plateau and haven’t moved into the 150’s consistently yet. I am starting to watch what I eat a bit more closely, so hopefully March will be the month where I get back under barrier that 160 seems to be for me. The better weather coming up should help with that as well, I always seem to have an easier time of shedding the extra flubber as it warms up.

Running Shoes

Very simply stated I ran mostly in the Skechers GoRun Ride 7’s and am working on getting them to 50 miles. They are doing well by me. I could get all hyperbolic about how great the GRR7’s are and all that other kind of stuff saying they are this or that.

However, I won’t even have 50 miles on them until sometime this week and there have been too many great 50 mile review shoes and not any great 200 mile shoes, much less 400 mile shoes lately. So I will save the grandiose words to describe the GRR7’s until they get to that 200 or 400 mile review.

The reality is that

It wasn’t the week that I expected, but it was still a very good week with my running. A great long run and a very nice tempo run meant that I had two very high quality workouts, a rest day and some easy runs to balance out the load.

I do need to add in a day or two on the elliptical just to keep the totals around 60-70 miles, which at this point is a nice combine mileage total for me. The combine 50+ that I got this week, just isn’t where I think I need to be.

There is a fine line between doing too much and too little. I know that I should stay on the too little side of the line, but at the same time I do like to keep moving the line whenever I can. As long as I keep things reasonable, I am pretty sure I can still move/push the line a bit each month for a while yet. The body is holding together really well right now, so I don’t want to push too hard though.

I will keep a closer watch on what I am eating to break through that 160 plateau and get down into the 150’s over the month of March. It would be nice to finish the month under 155, very doable, but it will require some self-control and discipline on my part to get there.

Here is to next week πŸ™‚