5.0 Treadmill Miles – RunLog 3-5-18

The roads were clear and temps were reasonable, even if it was a bit breezy, but I headed off to Planet Fitness for a treadmill run.

Huh, what for, running outside is a LOT better, so why the treadmill.

Pretty simple, I wanted to control the pace, since I am planning on doing my long tomorrow morning. It also meant that I would do a good pre-run warm-up (I do it more consistently at the gym) and then I would be more likely to play a little with the weights and foam roller after I got done – which I did!!!

I started out at a nice 7.0 mph for 2.0 miles, then increased it to 7.1 mph for a mile and then increased it again to 7.2 for 1.75 miles. Everything felt good, hell I even thought about doing an extra mile, just because I could. However, I got to thinking about running 10 or so miles in the morning and decided to stop at 5.0. So I ended up with a good last quarter mile and felt strong, even running faster than my race pace this year.

Nope, I don’t plan on running that fast during a race, unless it is in a kick at the end, but it is good to practice running harder than I am going to, just in case I get really frisky one out there.

I go through running shirts all too quickly, they get stained (I tend to not pay attention to what I am wearing when I work around the house), get runner’s stank, or get ripped some how or another. Say what you will about Wal Mart, I was able to get four tech workout shirts for $5.76 each, which is about right since they only last me around 2-3 months before I have to get rid of them.

Sometimes not cost effective to pay $20-$30 for a workout shirt, especially, when I haven’t been racing a lot to get those “free” t-shirts.

For a change I ran smart and didn’t try to over-do my run today and be ready for my long run in the morning. Who knows maybe this getting older stuff is getting me a bit wiser too. Not really, but it would be nice to think that way hehehe.

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