10.0 More Miles in the Book – RunLog 3-5-18

I was a little apprehensive about my long run this morning, the temps with the wind chill were right at the bottom of my safety zone for running to Augusta – 32* and felt like 22*F. So Mary and I took Bennie for his 2.0 mile walk and I figured out that as long as the 15-20 mph breeze out of the Northeast was at my back it wasn’t too bad.

Which meant that I could get my long run in today. Definitely going to Augusta, not Waterville with that kind of headwind.

When I started out I was pretty sure that the wind was going to be at my back most of the way and that prediction for a change turned out to be correct – for a change. The only place that I had it in my face was along Bond Brook Road and with the hills in there protecting/cutting it down, it was not an issue.

Actually the road was clear, the shoulders fairly dry and not too many puddles to avoid, but that is going to change when the next N’oreastah comes in on Wednesday-Thursday (we are expecting 12-18 inches of snow), which is why I really wanted to get this long run in today.

The run itself wasn’t bad at all, the feet didn’t hurt, my GoRun Ride 7’s proved that last week’s long run in them was not a fluke – more on them in my 50 mile review that will be coming out in the few days and that wearing toe socks with a little bit of Vaseline on the right little toe does make a difference.

Also it might not be for everyone, but I will wear calf sleeves for long runs and faster paced stuff – my calves do not bother nearly as much during or after when I use them. It might all be in my head, but it works for me and that is all that matters for this experiment of one.

I maintained a nice 8:30 to 8:40 pace most of the way and never really felt like I was getting into the harder range of effort. If anything the first half I held back a bit to make sure that I had enough left to finish comfortably.

No the 10 miles wasn’t easy, but physically I felt the way I should be feeling for running that far, even though the pace is kind of surprising to me. Really, I am not in that good a shape, so I will attribute that 8:30 pace today to the downhill nature of the course and the tailwind.

One thing about this time of year, I don’t have to carry water and I am attempting to train the old body to not want anything beyond some hydration stuff up to the half marathon distance. We will see if once the weather turns warmer and I add that additional 5K onto my runs if I bonk after 10 miles like I used to. I really don’t like using the Gu’s and stuff, but if they keep me from bonking well…that is why I have training runs to find out about this kind of stuff.

Another good long run in the books and yes, I was very glad to see Clifford waiting for me at College Carry-out.