Anatomy of a Storm

No, I have not disappeared from the face of the earth or anything, it is just that when a tough N’oreastah blows throw, things other than running take priority.

Watching the weather forecasts and worrying about how bad will it really be

Hoping that it misses us and goes somewhere else

Figuring out that the N’oreastah is going to whack the hell out of us 12-20 inches of the white shite

Getting ready to move snow

Going to bed, bitching about how much snow we are supposed to get

Wake to seeing a wonderful winter wonderland, where there had been sightings of brown grass and a non-ice covered driveway.

Bitching about how much snow we did get – 10+ inches of the white shite you have to wade through to get the dog walked first thing in the morning

Moving wet/heavy snow for 2 hours behind the snow blower, then watching snow plow put ice chunks into the driveway as you finish, can’t snowblow that crap, gotta use the scoop – manual labor – wonderful Continue reading “Anatomy of a Storm”