Anatomy of a Storm

No, I have not disappeared from the face of the earth or anything, it is just that when a tough N’oreastah blows throw, things other than running take priority.

Watching the weather forecasts and worrying about how bad will it really be

Hoping that it misses us and goes somewhere else

Figuring out that the N’oreastah is going to whack the hell out of us 12-20 inches of the white shite

Getting ready to move snow

Going to bed, bitching about how much snow we are supposed to get

Wake to seeing a wonderful winter wonderland, where there had been sightings of brown grass and a non-ice covered driveway.

Bitching about how much snow we did get – 10+ inches of the white shite you have to wade through to get the dog walked first thing in the morning

Moving wet/heavy snow for 2 hours behind the snow blower, then watching snow plow put ice chunks into the driveway as you finish, can’t snowblow that crap, gotta use the scoop – manual labor – wonderful

See that 80 year old neighbor hasn’t stirred yet, go over snow blow the end of his drive, as promised in last big storm, he does rest (he wants to be independent), but I watch to see how he does and is doing – feel good about doing that, though running out of gas – made things less helpful than I expected

Waiting for the storm to end – it doesn’t and adds at least another 5+ inches of the white shite and a couple of inches of flurry to add insult to injury

Sleep on it and hope you don’t loose power

Get up be glad you have power,

But notice that looking out the bedroom window doesn’t happen because the snow is covering half the window

Walk dog and slip/slide on the white ice that plowing the wet-heavy white shite leaves behind on the road when they don’t put down enough product to do anything.

Move snow with snowblower that didn’t get moved yesterday for another couple of hours

Clean 15+ inches of white shite off the vehicles that didn’t fit in the garage

Shovel off the snowbank in front of the window so it doesn’t look like a cave in the bedroom and also the accumulated snow doesn’t blow the windows into the bedroom

Barely able to pick up and use the damn roof rake to clear metal roof that is not dumping the snow like it is supposed to, because your shoulders are already in knots from more than 2 hours on the snowblower, shoveling out window, plus the time spent on snowblower yesterday too and using that wonderful snow scoop. Definitely not moving too fast.

Then having to take dawg for 2.0 mile walk in wet, slush covered roads, yes the feet were just a little wet

Then sitting for an hour, before you can think about moving.

Then having this stoopid idea about going to the gym and running on the treadmill for a while.

Then getting to the gym, doing a complete pre-run routine, running a 5.0 mile progression run at about an 8:10 pace and doing a bunch of post-run stretches/body work. Running is invigorating, but I know that I will pay for getting too vigorously invigorated.

Then getting home eating lunch

Then helping bring in groceries and put them away

Then taking a damn nap, because I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. Paying for that invigorating run

Nope haven’t been too busy the last few days, just got a bit lazy about writing a dumb blog post about my running exploits.


Then there was homemade pizza, chips and beer tonight for supper.

Yeah, that made it all worth it.

Been a busy last couple of days, but not the time will Spring ahead this weekend and the snow will magically disappear

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