Intervals and Changing Things Up a Little – RunLog 3-10-18

The first part of the week is for longer running and the weekends are for that faster stuff. Which meant when I got to the gym today, that I was going to do something quicker than usual. Yeah, the hard overnight freeze made it so that I didn’t really want to battle vehicles on the roads this morning, while attempting something a little faster.

So off I went to Planet Fitness to figure out what kind of workout to do. Something with intervals involved, it was just a question of how many and how fast.

I did my usual pre-run warm-up mostly taken from Chi Running and adding in 30 squats, 10 pigeons, some leg swinging to touch my fingers, side leg lifts, along with 50-ups and 50 butt kicks. I tend to do the Pre-Run stuff more often if I go to the gym and added in a couple of Precision Drills from Running Rewired by Jay Dicharry.

I am reading that book and much of what he is saying in it makes good sense to me. Needless to say I know that I need to add in some resistance training and this helping me to look at it differently than I have in the past.

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